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Kohima Staff Curator 37
After interacting with Aghori sadhus from Gujarat, the young photographer decided to use his camera to document dying traditions from around the country. “I chose to start my photographic journey by documenting cultures, sects or tribes that...
Tuloni Biya
Guwahati Staff Curator 66
Menstruation is widely considered a taboo topic and open discussions on this subject were hardly made possible. But in today’s day and time, many feminists as well as rights activists are widely talking about it. But things were different back...
Gaan Ngai
Northeast Staff Curator 0
Gaan Ngai’ Festival- the feastival of the dead and the living! The Zeliangrong is a community found in the Northeastern states of Manipur, Assam and Nagaland. The name’ Zeliangrong’ evolved by combining the names of the three...
Malsawmi Jacob
Aizwal Staff Curator 175
Mizo literature, originally written in Mizo ṭawng, the principal language of the Mizo people, has both written and oral traditions. It has undergone a considerable change in the 20th century. The language was developed mainly from the Lushai...
Aizwal Staff Curator 45
New Chakma Video||2017||Chakma Latest Video||Chakma Tradition Dress||Chittagong Hitt Tracts|| Source: YouTube | By: LEZANG'S PLAYGROUND
Nul-Ding Kût Festival
Shillong Staff Curator 0
One of the prominent and remarkable festivals of Northeast India celebrated by the Biate community of Meghalaya and Assam, the Nul-Ding Kût (The Festival of Renewal of Life) is celebrated in the beginning of every year to mark the beginning of a new...
Magh Bihu
Guwahati Sumit Das 82
The New year has finally dawned upon us. The parties are over and the picnics (mostly) done with. But for the people of Assam and the Assamese diaspora spread throughout the world, the festivities have just begun. We are nearing the middle of the...
Jonbeel Mela
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 86
Assam is a state in North eastern India that is inhabited by different tribes and every tribe has its specific rituals, religious norms and festivals. That explains why you will find some festival or event is taking place in the state no matter when...
Kohima Staff Curator 92
Mo Naga , a fashion designer and  tattoo artist is taking the world of tattoo art by storm with his innovative and creative ideas. The young autodidactic tattoo artist hails from Manipur and owns an established tattoo studio in Delhi. He has...
Imoinu Festival
Imphal Staff Curator 0
Carrying the legacy of Indian culture forward, traditional worship of Imoinu, believed to be the deity of wealth among the Meetei ethnic, is widely performed every year across the state with much fanfare. The yearly festival falls on Wakchingi...
Lai Haraoba
Imphal Staff Curator 69
Manipur, a beautiful state of the North Eastern region is widely famous for its aesthetically appealing   landscape, art and culture. It is a state rich in arts and crafts. The state is celebrated for its authentic   dance forms...
Festive Wear
Imphal Sumit Das 0
When the name of the place itself means ‘Jewelled Land’, there hardly persists any doubts regarding its beauty. Scenic sights comprising of lush greenery, gently undulating valleys, a giant lake which plays home to a floating park, blue...