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Beautiful Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal

Feb 02, 2017 20:00
Pakke Tiger Reserve

Arunachal Pradesh, a remote hilly state in North East India is loved by wildlife and nature lovers for its bounty. It has several biodiversity zones and some of them have turned into prime tourist destinations. One notable example is the Pakke wildlife sanctuary. Located in Arunachal’s East Kameng district, it is home to numerous mammals, birds, reptiles and plant species. However, it has become famous for Hornbill conservation endeavors in recent years.

Nuances of Pakke wildlife sanctuary


Spread over 862-sq km, Pakke was made a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. In 2002, it was declared Tiger Reserve. It shares borders with Assam’s Nameri Tiger Reserve, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and Bhareli River. Its eastern side is marked by the Pakke River, after which it has been named.

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Flora and fauna


In Pakke, you will see mixed vegetation though a majority of it is comprised of tropical semi-evergreen forest. More than 200 plant species have been found here, including some rare ones and those with medicinal values. Bamboos of various types are also seen.

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Over 60 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles have been spotted at Pakke wildlife sanctuary so far. Major wild animals seen here are tiger, civets, Asiatic black bear, Asian elephant, barking deer and weasels. Here you can see 4 types of hornbills. Rare avian species such as the white-winged wood duck are also seen here. Other major bird species include collared broadbill, white-cheeked hill-partridge, ruby-cheeked sunbird and grey peacock-pheasant etc. Major reptiles found here include the king cobra and endangered Assam roof turtle.

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When and how to visit


The subtropical climate of the sanctuary makes November to April the ideal months for touring. Summer months bring high humidity and heat while monsoons bring heavy showers. A lot of tourists choose Tezpur to visit the sanctuary. It is 65 kilometers away and has an airport too. However, you may also consider Bhalukpong to reach the zone. Arunachal Pradesh State Transport buses or private cabs can be used to reach Pakke.

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The majority of tourists prefer staying at Valukpong. However, in recent years, a community based eco-tourism endeavor named Pakke Jungle Camp has come up. 

Feb 02, 2017 20:00

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