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Assam girl Rinky Roy weaves out a new story of sustainable lifestyle accessory design!

May 12, 2017 10:44
Rinky Roy

Today sustainable lifestyle accessory design has gradually evolved to address the entire spectrum of accessories and lifestyle products, precious, semi precious and costume jewellery, leather goods, footwear, watches, giftware, tableware, silverware, crystal ware, office furniture, consumer interface design and retail environment design.

We at TNT spoke to upcoming designer , Rinki Roy, who is conceptualizing and creating lifestyle accessories and systems using different materials, processes and technologies.

TNT- Please tell us about your childhood , growing up years and your interest in craftsmaking.

I was born in Jogighopa, a village at the end of Bongaigaon district of Assam. In my early years of my childhood , traveled a lot as my father served in Air Force. After completing 12th, I joined cotton college as BA in anthropology but also appeared for NIFT entrance without the consent of my parents. When I got through , the news was quite surprising to my parents since they had a very vague idea of the design industry and it’s potential. I joined NIFT in the year 2009 specializing in lifestyle Accessory design.

 TNT – You have been an alumni of National Institute of Fashion and Technology, Chennai. How has it helped you?

NIFT , my alma mater gave me the opportunities and the knowledge of working in the grassroot level of design field. After graduating from NIFT,  I worked as a freelancer and participated as an Installation  Artist in Metropolis and Ziro Festival Of Music, designed their main entrance , 2014. And also participated as a designer for Miss Northeast 2013.

TNT – You started off the “Bonoowa luxury” , a lifestyle brand. What inspired you to come up with this?


I had an interest in sketching & art from a very early childhood. Inspired From both my parents, seeing them getting involved in making something or the other in their free times.

Bonoowa started in the year 2015 when I was in Delhi . The concept was simple to make or design  products with hand denoting luxury & simplicity.

TNT – Please give us an idea of the products you design.

The most unique thing about our products is you can customise it according to the needs of our consumers. We focus more on the quality and the authenticity of the product.  Our notebooks are quite unique because we use handmade papers and artworks which we do in the cover is original and also hand bound in the studio .

For soaps the consumers can buy what we produce in the studio or else you can customise it based on your needs like  particular essential oil or ingredients like milk or more clay in your soap.Our handmade packaging is also done in the studio. We use recycled paper for ‘sustainable paper’. I believe it is an environment friendly option with appealing outcomes as per packaging needs are concerned.

image (1)
TNT – How has been the market response as of now? Do you project it grow over the years? What are your plans down the line?

In future , I plan to extend the range of products in the handmade cosmetic section . Along with soaps , there will be lipbalms, handmade perfumes etc with a collection of  exclusive handbags.
So far , the products have been made available at Maati Centre and 11th Avenue cafe Bistro. It is a niche market at the time but i am sure with time , new age consumers will take it to custom made lifestyle accessories very soon!
By: Payal Bhattacharjee | Source: TNT-TheNortheastToday


May 12, 2017 10:44

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