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Assam: 'Vulgar Lyrics' urge need for censoring Bihu songs!

Apr 25, 2017 18:02
Bihu songs

With the ongoing trend of submerging the original lyrics of traditional songs with lyrics not adhering to the norms of culture, the issue has derived a great deal of attention from various sections of the society.

Feeling the need of a censor board to weed out ‘vulgar lyrics and music compositions that are infamous for false representation of original Bihu music’, the Bihu Suraksa Samiti(BSS) urged the State Government to lay importance on the issue.

Talking to newsmen, BSS chief advisor Jaykanta Gondhia said that incessant commercialization of Bihu is leading to downfall of the original style and form of Bihu. “There are instances of organizing Magh Bihu way ahead its original timing. The traditional forms of Meji and Bhela Ghar are modified. Such practices have to stop,” he said. BSS president Amarendra Gogoi said that artistes should try to create an audience-friendly environment.

On this matter, Anil Saikia, a folk song researcher of Assam and an expert on Bihu  had earlier stated that the vulgarity creeping into Bihu lyrics and a drastic change in Bihu tunes was a matter of concern for many people, but ultimately time would say whether such changes would be accepted and carried forward to the future generations.

Source: TNT-TheNortheastToday (The Sentinel)

Apr 25, 2017 18:02

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