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Assam: Smart City? "First give us a decent Guwahati with basic amenities"

May 18, 2017 10:47
Smart City

Water scarcity is reeling excessively in guwahati,as residents are facing a severe problem with water crisis. Agencies responsible for providing piped water supply to the people are much to be blamed for this problem.

There are complaints from various places, including Anil Nagar, Nabin Nagar, Hengerabari, Sarumataria, Rukminigaon etc.

“While we have restricted our daily usage, we have been forced to buy water due to short supply. The urban water supply here provides water just once a day. They are supposed to supply water from 5-5.30 in the evening for up to three hours. But the supply actually starts from around 7.30 and lasts less than an hour. The force of the supply water is poor. It hardly suffices even half our daily requirement,” says Pranati Das, a resident of Hengerabari Road where piped water is supplied by the Assam Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

“The government is talking about smart city. We feel it should divert its energy in making Guwahati a decent city first by providing the basic amenities like drinking water and public sanitation facilities,” Das adds sarcastically.

The problem has been persisting for the last few weeks, and the authorities appear unmoved despite the growing inconveniences faced by the people of the capital city.

There are allegations that the agencies have installed supply lines beyond their capacity. There are also reports of unscrupulous people extracting water from the supply lines using motors (pumps), thus reducing the flow to other lines.

“In our locality we used to get water supply at full force for up to four hours every day in the afternoon. That was the norm all these years since the last 1990s. However, during the past one month or so the supply of water through the pipes has become very erratic and the flow has gone down drastically. Even the main tank of our house is not getting filled up. Some day there is no water at all. With the summer months approaching fast, residents of our locality are very apprehensive about what the situation will be and how we will manage with the reduced supply,” said Pranjal Bhuyan, a resident of Gokul Path of Pub-Sarumataria locality.

According to GMC sources, water supply in some areas of the city has been affected due to the old and obsolete machinery of the Satpukhuri water plant. The GMC has already initiated the bidding process for repairing the plant.

“Moreover, the residents getting water supply through the Nabagraha line are also getting irregular water supply. Though separating the Nabagraha pipeline is the only solution to this problem, it will entail a huge cost of Rs 50 lakh, which is not feasible at this juncture in view of the major water supply schemes coming up in the city,” the sources added.

The Corporation however, is taking up some immediate measures and short-term restoration work to ease the problems.

Recently, a CAG report had highlighted the pathetic state of piped water supply in Guwahati.

Only 29 per cent of the city’s population get piped water supply, which too is inadequate, the CAG report had noted.

Of the 69 functional piped water supply schemes (PWSS), only 34 were supplying sufficient water. In the remaining 35, quantity of water supplied is irregular and not sufficient to meet the requirements of the consumers, the report had pointed out.

Source: TNT-TheNortheastToday

May 18, 2017 10:47

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