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Meghalaya: Fame the Band to perform at Prague International Music Showcase Festival

Jan 11, 2017 13:47
Fame the Band

Justice brought about in one of India’s biggest college festivals, Strawberry Fields, an annual music festival of the National Law School of India University.


Fame The Band, an alternative, pop/rock band from Tura, Garo Hills of Meghalaya won the 19th edition of the Strawberry Fields November 2016.

The band further went on to win Live Wire as part of Mood Indigo, last December which is Asia’s Largest College Cultural Fest held at IIT, Bombay. Where they opened for an American rockband Crown the Empire.

A group of four acquaintances since childhood,evolved into friends with their similar interest. Growing up, being inspired and listening to 80’s rock. The individual and collective music inspirations ranging from 90’s alt grunge, Paramore, John Mayer, Coldplay, One Ok Rock, Suneohair, Underoath among others. They first competed in BattleRock VI, 2013 at Tura, winning 2nd Runners-Up on their maiden performance as a band. Since then, they Famed their way through performing at various stages across the nation.

They have since gone on and accomplished much together also being awarded the “Best Potential Band” at the Hornbill International Music Festival 2015 and ranking 16th on the Sennheiser Top 50 Bands.

When asked about if ‘FAME’ was theaspect for the band’s name and existence as anyone clueless and curious would ask,surprisingly, there wasn’t any story as such. Rather a blatant way of saving time than thinking of a band name.

Fame also happens to be the name of their vocalist, 22 year old – Fame Sangma. Music always being his and the bands passion, he hopes to share the stage with the current band members to make it a full-time career. He stated, “I think us finding success in what we love to do would be a great way of saying thanks to everyone who supported us especially our parents”. Same aged Mikkimra Shira, guitarist of the band and Fame, are generally the ones to pen down the lyrics who do not have any fixed source of inspiration and the songs range from different topics that occupy their minds during the time period of composing their music. Mikkimra also want to be a musician for the long run saying,” the dream is to be able to reach out to people around the world through our music and be appreciated for it. Oh! and share the journey together with these guys.”

Both aged 21, Tengsam momin on bass and Mark Shira on Drums had similar opinion on how they all share the same dream to find success as musicians together.Shedding some light on the Northeast Music scene especially from Tura. They wish to create professional music with the guys that resonated to the people.


Being persistent in their passion for music, the band has released 4 singles and one teaser video on Youtube. They are planning on releasing an EP(Extended-play)before the end of 2017. Till then they are excited with the opportunity they got the coveted slot to perform and further Fame through at the International Music Showcase Festivalat Nouvelle Prague, Czech Republic after they performed and won at Mood Indigo Livewire in IIT Bombay. The date for the performance is yet to be notified. They are currently holding an unplugged performance at QuickBites Karaoke Lounge in their hometown of Tura in an effort to raise funds for their upcoming music video.

Fame Sangma clarified on behalf of the band on their definition of music and performance, that it is hard to define their music or their performances in words. Describing it best as a feeling, where they feel it and everything just follows.

Lastly, their words of inspiration for aspiring musicians and in general, they stated, ” Don’t give up on your dreams! It’s a long and hard journey, sometimes it’s very trying but you have to keep believing and sometimes even pave your own path to get there. Just don’t limit yourself and keep trying new things, hopefully we’ll meet up on the other side”.

What’s in a name they say? This Band has Fame in it, in person, passion, skills and drive to get there. Way to go Fame the Band.

By: Nocy Rangsa Marak | Source: TNT-TheNortheastToday

Jan 11, 2017 13:47

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