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Under 30 DJs of Assam thrilling the region with their beats

Mar 20, 2017 18:30

The epoch of “mera beta bada ho ke doctor banega, meri beti engineer banegi”  has dimmed with time. With the wave of modernization, their ideas and thoughts have dispersed with updated ones. A new era has ushered with new professions branding new thoughts.

While music is in interesting topic in everyone’s circle, let us have a look at our homegrown artists who toiled hours and days to produce that perfect piece of track or span extra hours at your demand.



Souvik Das or Xouvyc is a 20 year old DJ and Electronic Dance Music producer who is currently based in Pune. Graduated from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, (Tinsukia) Souvik is presently grinding for a sound engineering degree from Seamedu Media School. He surrendered to music at a tender age, learnt playing the harmonium and is a trained tabla player. He smelled his first breeze of success in 2014 when his remix got featured in BBC radio 1, and another at the SUNBURN Music Festival, played by Indian EDM giant Aceaxe.  Souvik was the first DJ from Assam who got featured at what is known as the Holy Grail of all Asian music festivals. The year 2016 saw one of his bootlegs getting featured at India's #1 DJ, DJ NYK'S Radio show under home grown Talent Showcase. He is the first artist from Assam who found his spot on the #1 DJ's Radio Show.

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Popularly known as DJ Jupiter, Joynal experienced his first taste in electronic music at a very tender age. His deep connection with those hypnotic sounds initiated him to enroll for professional guidance in DJ’ing. He spanned alongside several national and international fames. He has played in the spectacle stage of Lost & Found (shillong) along with Super 8 and Tab Shillong. Branded for being melodic and groovy, Jupiter’s Techno and house beats are a set of pure bliss.

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SAGAR SEAL (DJ Sagar Cyco)


Specialized in Bigroom, Commercial and Trap, the chubby lad started his career in 2012 and is one of the prominent DJ of the region. He has spanned along with artists like Teri Miko, Ankytrixx, Blot, etc. A versatile personality, Sagar loves travelling new places and indulging in different food habits. Well, that counts to his profession of travelling places to thrill the crowd with his groovy sets of tracks. He has performed in several clubs, fests and commercial events  across the region.

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ANURAG BISWAS ( Anurag beatronix)


DJ Anurag Beatronix started his musical career as a guitar player and used to perform in shows with his band. Gradually he inclined towards electronic music and began following the other big named DJs. He started embracing the art of producing good music and went to Mumbai to seek an electronic music production course (emp) at SAE institute. He has released music under well-known labels like OLD SQL Recordings and Play Cue Recordings. He has played with names like Fatali, Talamasca, Outsiders, Sartek, Zaeden, Aneesh Gera, Candice Redding, etc.  He holds Deep, Tech, Progressive House and Psy trance to his style.

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Hailing from Guwahati, DJ Laksh started his musical career in early 2012. Since music was his intense zealousness, he used to listen and learn every genre of music. He performed in a number of private shows and events and played in places like Jorhat, Sivsagar, Arunachal Pradesh, Barpeta and Duliajan and was rewarded with a great public response. EDM, House, Hip-Hop, Trap, Moombahton, Progressive, House, Deep House, Electrohouse, Dutch, Commercials, and Bollywood was infused as his genre. He has worked with renowned DJ’s like Teri Miko (Ukraine), Leenata (Ukraine), Dj Paroma (Mumbai), Spindoctor (Mumbai), Basshunk (Mumbai), Shameless Mani (Mumbai), Dj Pulse (Bangalore), Dj Dee (Guwahati) and has played in several clubs like Irish House (Bangalore), Xtreme Sports Bar (Bangalore), XS (Guwahati), Ozone (Guwahati), Cafe Copa (Guwahati), Silverstreak (Guwahati), Club Dmd (Guwahati), Summer  Palace (Itanagar), etc.

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Born and brought up in SIVASAGAR (ASSAM), Prem started his career when he was just 17 years old. He has been polishing in his career since the last 6 years. Music has always been the strongest force in his life. Over the past few years, he has kissed success in the form of private parties, corporate shows, festive shows and other events. He is an expert of his genres- Bollywood, Retro, Hip Hop, House (Latin, Funky, Electronic, Techno, and Progressive)

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Professionally known as DJ Blue, Aanjum has been pursuing his career in Dj’ing since 2007. During his early years, he was keen to know about music and its various forms. And this was how he stepped into the shoes of electronic music. he was an Electronic & communication Engineer but left his job to chase his dreams. He is a master of his own. He learnt DJ’ing by watching videos from the internet.

He takes inspiration from artists like Goa Gill , Nds , Ud , Roody, Brahmin, etc. He is currently based in New Delhi, performing in clubs like Capitol, Level's , Bulldog, etc. He is also the official DJ of Night Rockers Event Company (Delhi). Aanjum has feathers of performing with bollywood artists like ASH KING, DARSHAN RAVAL and RAGHAV JUYA. Recently he has performed in the "ELECTRIC MAHADEV FESTIVAL" in Kasol. 

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DJ VEEJAY has always been passionate about music since his high school days, and over the years, he has proved that he can contemplate audiences and keep them grooving to his beats without getting bored . The dynamic Veejay started DJing when he was just 16 years old. Added to his experience, he began to saturate club and events with his ever-adapting Mic-ing styles. A versatile personality,  Veejay  has started his career in the club scene in 2012 next to his inspirational counterparts. With an exposure of about 11 years to DJ’ing, Veejay tags sounds of new House, Bollywood & Commercial to his genre.

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This sizzling lady with her all her grace in Commercial, EDM and House Music can actually spark off  a boring crowd on the dance floor. Damini Bhajanka, also known as Dione, has placed her heels to groove the stage on 3rdAugust, 2014. She has performed in several pubs and clubs across the country like Spoil- the Lounge (Hyderabad), F-Bar (Mumbai), Ozone (Guwahati), etc.

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