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Malsawmi Jacob
Aizwal Staff Curator 231
Mizo literature, originally written in Mizo ṭawng, the principal language of the Mizo people, has both written and oral traditions. It has undergone a considerable change in the 20th century. The language was developed mainly from the Lushai...
Charlie Chaplin
Agartala Staff Curator 49
“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down”, so goes the saying by Charlie Chaplin, the man who did not falter to amaze us with the wonders of his amusement.  The world around us is filled with wonders and...
 Reasons your siblings are your best friends
North East Staff Curator 0
Moments with siblings are usually extremely awesome or extremely annoying, no middle grounds. Siblings are most times the annoying set of people in the world but the best in a weird way. It is a love-hate relationship. You sometimes hate them when...
reasons you need to leave your brother's marriage alone
North East Staff Writer 119
One of the misconceptions that plagues some African families, is that “My brother's wife is the new family-slave. Therefore, I am free to say and do whatever I like to her.” Then, you have the spineless brother who just lets you...
Struggles only oldest siblings can relate to
North East Staff Writer 0
Being the eldest of the siblings means you get a lot of advantages and you learn a lot of important lessons such as compassion and patience early in your life. However, being the first born is not as smooth a ride as it is perceived, and...