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Arnab Ghosh has been writing for the web on diverse topics such as entertainment, healthcare, finance and regional developments since last 5 years. His acumen for staying tuned to the latest developments in technology, nature, media and showbiz has helped him flourish as a web writer.


Specializes in: Technology, Healthcare, Travel, Entertainment

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Shillong    Arnab Ghosh    0      
Meghalaya is one beautiful north eastern state that has become a thriving tourist destination over the years. Certain regions in the state are known for their...
Muri Ghonto, Assamese Style
Guwahati    Arnab Ghosh    40      
Assamese people are adept at borrowing elements from cuisines of neighboring regions and using them in their dishes. This has happened over the years and...
Atul Lahkar
Guwahati    Arnab Ghosh    42      
Tourists visiting Assam fall in love with the amazing natural beauty the state has and they also soak in its cultural nuances. Besides, a lot of them get...
Itanagar    Arnab Ghosh    44      
Arunachal Pradesh is a hilly remote state located in north eastern end of India that has regions yet to be explored properly by tourists. This is mostly owing...
Imphal Zoo
Imphal    Arnab Ghosh    34      
People visiting the hilly and pretty north eastern state Manipur have plenty of sightseeing and attractions to explore. From the magnificent Lohtak Lake to the...
Jonbeel Mela
Guwahati    Arnab Ghosh    57      
Assam is a state in North eastern India that is inhabited by different tribes and every tribe has its specific rituals, religious norms and festivals. That...
Tokay Gecko Lizard
Northeast    Arnab Ghosh    67      
The Northeast India is known for awesome natural bounty and amazing wildlife. While many have heard about endangered one horned Rhino and wildcat species found...
Pineapple Cultivation
Agartala    Arnab Ghosh    0      
The states in north eastern India are not only famous for their wildlife and awesome natural wealth. They are also known for their track record in harvesting...
Hoolock Gibbon
Shillong    Arnab Ghosh    0      
It is not only for the natural wealth and diversity thousands of tourists flock to the north eastern states of India. The enticing and rare animal and bird...
Bengali Dishes
Guwahati    Arnab Ghosh    53      
In Guwahati, food lovers can have a gala time. There are plenty of eateries serving regional delicacies. You can find food joints serving Tibetan dishes too....