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Sumit Das

Chemical Engineering Graduate from Guwahati with a penchant for the chemistry between words, writing is his passion. His writing mantra is "that the pen (now the keyboard) is mightier than the sword".

Specializes in: Lifestyle, Culture, Sports

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Northeast    Sumit Das    85      
The one thing that has no limits, no boundaries and the inherent quality to touch our souls like nothing else is music. Be it in any form or any language, even...
Sekta Archaeological Living Museum
Imphal    Sumit Das    92      
There’s something about history. Most of us have hated the subject with all our might the night before that social studies final examination but the...
Bermuda Triangle
Guwahati    Sumit Das    486      
Bermuda’s Triangle. The name is enough to give you the chills. Scores of documentaries, magazine cover stories, newspaper reports and what not have...
Amusement Parks
Guwahati    Sumit Das    145      
Who doesn’t like taking a break from life’s mundane chores and spending some carefree moments with his/her close pals away from all complexities?...
Guwahati    Sumit Das    119      
The city of Guwahati is home to some of the most revered of holy sites in the country. Be it the Kamakhya temple or the Basistha Ashram, the Navagraha temple...
Pangsau Pass
Itanagar    Sumit Das    0      
They don’t call it ‘Incredible North east’ for nothing. And anyone who differs just needs a stroll through the enchanting lands of the region...
Guwahati    Sumit Das    64      
We live in the era of malls and online shopping where everything we need is just a click away. Long gone are the days when shopping used to be nothing short of...
Picnic Spot
Guwahati    Sumit Das    63      
We are past Christmas and winter is at its peak. Another year has gone by and it is time to start afresh. But before that there are some unfinished businesses...
Ima Market
Imphal    Sumit Das    98      
North east India has no dearth of marvels. From scenic destinations to wholesome food, from awe inspiring thrills to peaceful abodes, from deep caves to high...
Uruka Feast Dishes
Guwahati    Sumit Das    129      
These days there’s a different kind of vibe flowing around in the atmosphere of Assam. There’s a buzz which can be felt at every nook and corner of...