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Rice Beer
Northeast Moupee Debroy 149
Rice is the staple of the Northeast foods and so is fermentation. The two come together to form a heady rice beer that goes under several names but has the same effect. While the North of India and other parts favor long grained rice, it is sticky...
Pema Khandu
Itanagar Staff Curator 8
Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu, greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Losar festival of the Monpa tribe Memba, Sherdukpen and Khamba tribes. The Chief Minister urged the people to strengthen the bond of brotherhood...
Lui Ngai
Imphal Staff Curator 64
Here are the five facts that you must know about the ‘Lui Ngai’ Ni festival: #1. The festival ‘Lui Ngai Ni’ is celebrated by the Naga tribes residing in Manipur. The ‘Lui Ngai Ni’ festival is celebrated annually at the start of the spring season...
Maha Shivratri
Guwahati Staff Curator 15
On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, Assam Inland Water Transport Department has allocated eight new ferries from Kachari Ghat and Rajaduwar Ghat to Umananda Temple, from 8 AM on February 14th. These eight ferries include Naharbill, Kaziranga,...
Maha Shivratri
New Delhi Staff Curator 45
Shivratri is observed as the "night of Shiva", the Hindu god, who is referred as "the destroyer of evil." This special day is not for celebrations and merry-making but to worship Lord Shiva, introspect and become meditative. While Shivratri comes...
New Delhi Staff Curator 50
The date celebrates several myths surrounding Lord Shiva, a God often depicted smoking weed and blue in colour after drinking a pot of poison. Lord Shiva, seen as the source of both good and evil, is the third God in the Hindu triumvirate. While...
New Delhi Staff Curator 44
Shiva is the most revered God among Gods, and his day aka Mahashivratri is celebrated with much fervour in all parts of India. While the basics of these celebrations remain the same, each province has a touch of uniqueness about it. Falling on the...
Maha Shivratri
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 253
Assam is a state in northeast India known for its cultural and religious diversity. Since the ancient times, different tribes with varying heritage and religious faiths have inhabited here. The number of Hindus in Assam is significant and so it is...
Brahmaputra Literary Festival
Guwahati Staff Curator 10
Brahmaputra Literary Festival (BLF) has a budget of Rs 42 lakhs earmarked for its publicity and the work was allotted to an advertising agency by the organisers “illegally,” alleged a source in the advertising industry of Assam. The source said, “...
Guwahati Staff Writer 21
Goddess Saraswati is the fountainhead of all learning and art forms. Students, professionals, artists, musicians and scholars worship Maa Saraswati seeking wisdom, artistic and technical skills, academic excellence and a good heart. Vasant Panchami...
Tamil Nadu Staff Curator 32
Four people have been gored to death during January 2018, while watching and participating in ‘Jallikattu’ or bull-taming in the South Indian province of Tamil Nadu. Politicians of all political parties in Tamil Nadu are offering prizes like cars,...
Literary Marvels
Northeast Sumit Das 27
There’s hardly anything as good as a good read (French fries come close but then they are deemed unhealthy!). And as such writers and their literary creations deserve a hall of fame of their own. And if that creation happens to be in the regional...


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