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Famous Festivals Of Arunachal Pradesh

Jul 04, 2018 08:32

Arunachal Pradesh is one of gorgeous state of India, placed in the northeast. The state is home to quite a few tribes who add color and culture to this part of the world. Arunachal Pradesh is the best place for the tourists who look forward to enjoying cultural holidays. It is the best to visit when the festival season starts because you can enjoy the cultural diversity of the state. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the religious states where social equilibrium is maintained. The state shares the country’s borders with China, Myanmar, and Bhutan. Here we will discuss some of the festivals of Arunachal Pradesh.

Siang River Festival

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This is one of the festivals of Arunachal Pradesh which is conducted for the communal harmony of people. Earlier it was known as Brahmaputra Darshan festival and it used to be conducted at Tezu and Pasighat. After 2005, it started with a new name and it is conducted at Yingkiong, Tuting, and Pasighat. This festival is celebrated in the month of December. It is one of the festivals where ecotourism is promoted and you can enjoy some extraordinary, daring and amusing performances. The Siang River festival is very popular among the north-eastern states and people travel from across the states to enjoy this festival. Here you can enjoy the cultural activities, dances and food festivals of North East. Exhibition of Handloom and handicraft items will also be conducted in each and every district of the state.

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Pangsau Pass Winter Festival

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This festival was started recently in the year of 2007. This is one the latest winter festivals of Arunachal Pradesh and has gained popularity across the state. The festival is conducted at Nampong, which comes under the Changlang district. The Pangsau Pass winter festival is celebrated for three days in the month of January. During this event, people belonging to the different tribes of Arunachal Pradesh come in their traditional attire and enjoy the festival with their tribal songs and dances. There will be exhibitions of Handicrafts and handlooms at the venue. One of the main occupations of the people of Arunachal Pradesh is making handicrafts and other decorative products which are exported to other parts of the world.

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Ziro Festival Of Music

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The Ziro festival of Arunachal Pradesh is influenced by the Sunburn festival. Ziro festival is conducted in the outdoors and is a really big event. You can witness a huge crowd from around the world participating in the festival. This is one of the most happening festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. Music lovers will have a good time at this event. The festival is for four days and you can enjoy all sorts of songs and understand the cultural diversity of the state. People from the entire northeast can participate in this event.

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Solung is a festival related to the agriculture of the state. This is celebrated in the month of July or August, which is actually the monsoon season. Solung is very famous not only in Arunachal Pradesh but all over the northeast states. This festival is celebrated by the Adi community of Arunachal Pradesh. Solung is a ten-day festival and it showcases the agricultural diversity of the state. The festival dates will not be the same every year. The dates of the festival will be decided by a group of people in the village. They check the availability of the villagers and other priorities. Once they fix it, the entire village will start to work for the festival. From Day-1 onwards, every person is assigned specific jobs to complete until the festival ends on the 10th day. Solung is the festival for the farmers to make them active and more energetic before the agriculture season starts.

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The Nyishi tribes celebrate Nyokum festival in Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the unique festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. The festival aims at the prosperity and harmony of human beings. This is conducted in the Papumpar district, East Kemang district, Lower Subansiri district and Kurung Kumey districts of Arunachal Pradesh on February 28th of every year. Nyokum is actually derived from the two words of Arunachal Pradesh – ‘Nyok’ means land and ‘kum’ means people. This festival is celebrated for 2 days and you can see Nyishi tribes enjoying the whole festival with songs and dancing. You can enjoy the traditional folk dances and songs of Nyishi tribes here.

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Jul 04, 2018 08:32

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