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Tawang: The Unexplored Heaven on Earth

Mar 12, 2015 13:55
Tawang: The Unexplored Heaven on Earth

Arunanchal Pradesh, the Himalayan state as a place of tourist destination is acclaiming name and fame around the world in recent times. It is because of its finest bio-diversity, wild life, tribes, food, vibrant culture and traditions and colorful festivals. It is also renowned for its Orchidarium, which is one of the largest in Asia. Arunachal Pradesh, the land of the rising sun, offers a dozen of places for you to explore and get amazed.

If you really want to witness how beautiful and peaceful an earthly place can possibly get, visit Tawang an unexplored heaven on earth. Located 10,000 feet above the sea level in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is probably one of the finest tourist destinations in the world to visit.  Tawang shares its boundary in the n

Penga Teng Tso Lake
orth with Tibet and in the south-west with Bhutan and Sela range appears in the eastern horizon of the land. The majority people in Tawang belong to the Monpa tribe. The name Tawang has a history and a story behind it. It says that the place of the Tawang monastery was chosen by a horse owned by Merag Lama Lodre Gyamtso. Literally the name, therefore, means a place chosen (wang) by a horse (Ta). Before Tawang was a part of Tibet and during the war of 1962 it was under Chinese control for a brief period of time. The district of Tawang was formed in 1989. The estimated population of Tawang is around 50,000. Most of the people follow Buddhism. The mostly depend on agriculture and breeding of sheep and yak for living.

The major festivals of Tawang, the unexplored heaven on earth are Torgya festival, Losar Festival also called New Year festival is celebrated by the people of the Monpa tribe, Gorsam Chorten Kora festival is a festival that promotes prosperity of people and symbolizes end of evil. Finally, the Tawang Festival, a festival started in 2012 as a tourism festival. This is year it is going to be celebrated from 01st- 03rd May’15. This festival promotes adventure sports like trekking and hiking. A must visit event for those who love snow adventure sport.

So far you got know roughly yet excitingly a little about the birth place of the 6th Dalai Lama, Tawang.

The most important question now arises. How to land in the magnificent tourist destination? What are the places to visit in Tawang? Don’t worry! I am here with all the possible answers for all the possible questions that may arise about the divinely place.

Tawang, though remotely preserves its heavenly unexplored beauty, yet it is well connected to the rest of the world. Tourists can reach the destination either from Guwahati, Assam which is connected to all the major cities of India by road, rail and air or from Tezpur. From Guwahati one can opt to take a bus and reach Tawang through Sela Pass. The distance from Guwahati to Tawang is approximately 577 Kilometers. You may also find it comfortable to land in

Salonibari Airport in Tezpur, which is also known as the cultural capital of Assam. In case you decide to go to Tawang via Tezpur, I suggest you plan an extra day to roam around in Tezpur, a small town in the river bank of the mighty Brahmaputra known for its magnificent Culture, History, and Archeology and most importantly for its natural beauty. Salonibari Airport, Tezpur is well-connected by air from Kolkata. From there you can travel by bus to Tawang which is approximately 393 kilometer. You can also pause for a while in Bomdila if you want to explore its scenic beauty. The distance from Bomdial to Tawang is 180 kilometers. Frequent taxi and bus services are available from Bomdila to Tawang. The most important information I need to add here without which your trip wouldn’t be a reality. Every person planning to go to Tawang or Arunachal Pradesh in general needs to get an inner line permit to enter the state. This permit can be obtained from New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati and Tezpur.  Accommodation in Tawang is available for tourists in the form of hotels and tourists lodges however it is wise to plan your trip well in advanced as during season accommodation could be a problem due to large number of tourists flowing in Tawang all across the globe.

In Tawang, the prime center of attraction is the Tawang Monastery, one of the oldest and largest Buddhist Monastery in the sub-continent. Tawang Monastery, an architectural wonder with 65 residential buildings is nearly 400 years old and it is also called as 'Galden Namgyal Lhatse' by the localities. Apart from this the other places to visit in and around Tawang town is Jang Waterfall, Craft Centre, Penga Teng Tso Lake-a high altitude Himalayan Lake, Banggangjang Lake, Jasawant Garh, Sela Pass etc. The ideal time to visit Tawang is in between May to October. During winter due to heavy snowfalls your trip to Tawang may become becomes extremely risky hence not advisable.  All I can say, plan a trip to Tawang at least once in your life time to discover the unexplored heaven on earth.

Mar 12, 2015 13:55

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