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Traditionally Yours, Assamese Costumes!

May 22, 2015 11:52
Assamese Costumes

The north eastern India has a rich heritage of culture and tradition and Assam is no exception. The traditions are not just in celebrations and festivals but we can find it in their attire too that includes Golden Silk fiber called Muga. These traditional costumes are not only in demand in India but have their fame overseas in the international market too. 

Almost every Assamese female can be found wearing Muga or Mekhela Chadar. In Assam you cannot ignore this simple yet sophisticatedly designed dress. Assamese dress is made by the use of Paat and Eri. Paat is used for creating Mekhela Chadar and the creation of Eri Chadar (which is clothing for winter especially shawl) is done using Eri. No doubt these Assamese costumes adorn the beauty of the women there.

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After Varanasi silk, Assamese silk sarees are the most popular sarees well known in India. These silk sarees are finely woven and are designed carefully with intricate patterns. The embroideries used to beautify the sarees are also inspired by the Assamese cultural norms.  A very common example of this would be sarees having embroidery of the architectural work of the famous Madan Kamdev Temple of Assam.

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Sualkuchi is a famous place in Assam which is known for the silk production.  We can find various types of silks like Pat, Eri, Golden Muga etc. here.  Sualkuchi is approx. 32 kms away from Guwahati, the capital of Assam.

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The populace of Assam has comprised different tribes. Each tribe has its own specific costume as per their culture.

Bodo tribe females wear Mekhla as their customary dress. Riha, piece of cloth to wrap the upper body is teamed up with Chaddar. This costume is mostly worn by rural females of Assam. Dhoti and Chaddar are worn by men as their traditional attire.

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Dimasa tribe wears costumes styled and designed very traditionally. The men and women of this tribe weave their own costumes in their household looms.  Rigu, a skirt like costume is commonly worn by females of this tribe.  

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Mishing tribe females wear Sampa across their waist.  An extra piece of cloth is worn on the hips of a married woman over the Sampa.  Galuk is worn by women of this tribe to cover their upper body.  Men’s attire is sober and simple, a traditional dhoti with kurta (white shirt).

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Thai Phake tribe’s women wear Chairchin, which is a striped girdle to accentuate their looks.  Girls are seen wearing the same girdle but of different size which is called Fafek.  Men’s traditional dress for this tribe is a red and black striped loincloth along with Fatong (white or yellow lining).  With Fatone, men also wear a pair of shorts which is called Sho.

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Rabhas tribe people commonly dress themselves in Koum Kontong. This attire is very colourful and trendy and yet elegant. Women of this tribe wear vivacious colored blouses.

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Women throughout all the tribes beautify themselves wearing gold and silver accessories or jewelleries. Kamarbandh or waist chain is the most popular jewellery worn by the Assamese females.

May 22, 2015 11:52

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