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Make Your Own Style Statement In Assam Silk Saris

Feb 16, 2015 16:51
Assam Silk Saris

Once Coco Chanel had said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” It is rightly said that if you want to stand out among the crowd, you need to be fashionably different. The one thing that really makes the Indian women different from the world is a ‘sari’, there is nothing compared to what a woman looks as beautiful and gorgeous as in a sari. Our country is one of the producers of fabrics that are one of the main requirements of manufacturing clothing like cotton, jute and silk. Added to that, India itself manufactures saris out of different fabrics. Out of them, silk is the popular and precious fabric which is produced in different states in India. Due to its outstanding quality and texture, this fabric is often very costly. Like many other states in India, Assam too is famous for producing unique types of silk and the saris made from them are popularly known as the ‘Assam Silk Sari’.

Assam Silk is available in three different types - Golden Muga, White Pat and Eri Silk. If you really want to buy one, you’ll need to learn about these three types of silk fabrics in detail:

Golden Muga Silk:



This fabric is produced by the silkworm named Antheraea assamensis which is found only in Assam. The silk product produced by these worms is firstly very durable and secondly, they have a high glossy texture. Muga silk cloth originally has a golden colour but it can be dyed. It is lustrous and hand washing improves its quality more. Muga silk sari lasts for very long due to its sturdy nature. Golden muga silk saris are often designed by hand-stitching on it with red coloured thread which makes it look very beautiful and are traditionally worn by Assamese women. Its price starts from Rs. 10000 and ranges to or above Rs. 50000 depending on the design and the quality of threads used for designing it.

Pat Silk


This silk product is produced by Bombyx textor silkworms and is generally white and off white in colour. This fabric does not have a texture as rich and glossy as that of Muga Silk but still looks very elegant. It can also be dried in shade. Pat silk saris looks best when their borders are weaved with many different colours of threads altogether. This silk sari too is very costly ranging from Rs. 8000 till Rs. 50000 and more.

Eri Silk:



Unlike Muga silkworms, Eri silk producing caterpillars are found in many states other than Assam. The fabric produced by this silkworm have more ‘cotton-like’ quality, but are yet shiny in texture and are dark in colour compared to other silk and are heavier in weight. This silk is also called as ‘Erandi Silk’. This silk has an intriguing factor which makes it cool during summer and warm during winter. This is why one may find Eri silk shawls and quilts as well. The cost of this sari ranges from Rs. 5000 to or above Rs. 20000.

If you are planning to attend a wedding or you often need to be a part of many events at your workplace but want to look tad different from your usual get up, you may make your own style statement by simply draping an Assam Silk sari. Many times you will find Assam silk saris are produced by the combination of the above silk fabrics together to bring out the best quality. Every Assam silk sari gets the traditional Assam style design work on its body. Most of the times, hand woven saris from small cottage industries looks more beautiful and fetch a higher price. But as you now get the idea, it is advised not to fall prey to the duplicate Assam silk sari sellers. You may directly visit Assam to buy one or simply prefer the Assam handloom shops.

Experimenting with fashion can prove to be successful when you have all the knowledge about what you are thinking to wear. It is said that a silk sari and diamonds are women’s best friends, so pick an Assam silk sari team it up with junk jewellery to redefine you.

Feb 16, 2015 16:51

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