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Sweta Murder: "Sweta was forcing to get married", shocking revelations by Govind Singhal

Dec 07, 2017 10:03
Sweta Murder

After continuous questioning by the police, Govind Singhal, the main accused of Sweta Agarwal’s murder accepted his crime and described shocking things about the murder.

Govind confessed his crime infront of the police. “Sweta was forcing to get married”, Govind said to Police. He said that, he refused her maariage proposal for which both involved into fight. During fight, Govind hit her against the wall and she got injured on her head. “She lost her life due to head injury”, said Govind.

After her death, he planned to throw her dead body somewhere far from Guwahati. He took her dead body in a sack to Bharalumukh but failed to through her dead body. Her most of the things were thrown in the Brahmaputra River.

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Govind took back her dead body in his house. With the help of his mother and sister, they burned Sweta’s dead body. They even planned to escape in Siliguri after committing this terrific murder.

With the help of drone, Bharalumukh police is searching for the Sweta’s things thrown in the Brahmaputra River by Govind.

Source: Dy365

Dec 07, 2017 10:03

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