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Assamese Cinema: Some major Assamese movies

Jul 09, 2015 00:36

The origins of Asameese Cinema can be said to date back to the conceptualisation of a talented man and visionary called Rupkonwar Jyotiprasada Agarwal who was a famous poet and also a playwright and composer. He was the one who made Joyomoti the first Asameese film which was released under the banner of Critrakala Movietone. There were very few trained technicians in that phase so Jyotiprasad had to carry the responsibility of editor, costume designer, music director and lyricist. Asameese cinema has come a long way from that era and the first technically brilliant high quality film “piyali pukhan” was made in the 1950 by Nip Baruah. Bhaiti was the first colour movie made in the Asameese language and it was released in 1973. In the 1930’s the number of movies made in Siamese film industry annually was only 2 but by 2015 the number has now expanded to 50-80.  Contemporary Siamese cinema has developed a slow yet sensitive and much appreciated style. The outstanding directors of modern Siamese Cinema are Jahnu Baruah, Sanjeev Hazarika and Bidyut Chakraborty.


Joymoti was the first movie made in Siamese language and it was directed, written by Jyotiprasad Agarwalla who was incidentally a Rajasthani nationality. Joymoti was based on the story of 16th century princess of the dynasty of Ahom who was painfully tortured to death for not revealing the whereabouts of her husband Raja Gadapani the crown prince. This was one of the first Indian movies made on the themes of Realism. Joymoti celebrated the power of Gandhiji’s passive resistance system and it had a strong feminist viewpoint that was rarely found in those times.


This movie released in 1948 and was directed by Phani Sarmah while the story was based on the harmony between Hindu and Muslim Community. Lakshidhar Sarmah wrote the original screenplay for the movie and it was shot around the beautiful location of Tezpur. Interestingly one of the main characters was played by Phani Sarmah while the great music score was composed by Bhupen Hazarika, Shiva Bhattacharya and Bishnu Rabha.


Puberun is the first ever Siamese film to be screened and shown at an International film festival. The movie was directed by Prabhat Mukherjee who originally belonged from Kolkata and it released in the year 1959. In 1960 Puberun was screened in the Berlin Film Festival and it brought instant fame to the Siamese film industry. The dynamics of the mother child relationship formed the base of the film Puberun and the central concept is that every child in the world is created equal. Margaret Anderson of the national school of Drama who acted in the film brought even more recognition to the movie. Gyanoda Kakodi and Tassaduck Yusuf also acted the major roles in the movie. The movie Puberun won the president’s award.

Doctor Bezbaruab

Brojen Baruah released the first commercial thriller of Assam Doctor Bejbaruah in the year 1960 and it went on to become a huge success. Following the release of this movie a host of other Siamese commercial thrillers were released. The movie is based on the life and the happenings centered on the simple rural folk of Assam. This movie was a path breaking one both in terms of content and presentation. The shooting for this movie took place in the beautiful rural locations of Assam.

Tothapio Nadi

This film released in 1989 and was considered by critics to be one of the Landmark Siamese films directed by Hemanta Das while the screenplay was written by Hemanta Barman (based on his story Sankalpa). The movie details the struggles of the Boatmen on the river Brahmaputra who suffered after the first bridge was built on it. The music was scored by Tarun Das and this short (only 70 minute) film went on to win the prestigious EMPA award for best photography and best actress.


Kothanodi released this year i.e. in 2015 but it has already earned a place for itself for being one of the best movies ever made in the asamese language. This 120 minute film is directed by the talented Bhaskar Hazarika who has also penned the script. The movie boasts of a stellar star cast comprising of Adil Hussain, Urmila Mahanta and seema Biswas. The story revolves around 4 mothers who face difficult moral and social dilemmas and how they emerge from it victorious celebrating the power of womanhood. The 4 stories running parallel are about a wedding, a re-incarnation, court acquittal and an actual murder. There are dark witty undertones in the movie which gained it international acclaim. The movie was also released in English with the title “a river of fables”.


Ajeyo was released in 2014 and is cited to be one of the most socially relevant movies of Assam. This 116 minute movie details the struggles of a honest youth Gajen Keot who fought valiantly against the social evils present in rural areas of Assam during the freedom struggle in India. The movie was directed by Jahnu Barua and the star cast comprised of Jupitora Bhuyan, Lakhi Borthakur and Kapil Bora. The issues dealt with in the movie relates to land grabbing, child marriage evils and the fight against social oppression. This movie was produced by Shiven Arts Production Company.

Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai

Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai is a 1987 produced movie directed by the ward winning top Assamese Director and Screenplay writer Jahnu Barua. This movie deals with the issue of oppression of poor villagers by rich landlords via the incidents that happened with Bora (played by Indra Bania) who was forced to give up the farm that was rightfully owned by his dad when he could not produce the receipt of the mortgage. He is also forcibly made to assist in the political campaigning of the evil landlord. This movie won the best film award in 1988 and also multiple awards at the Film Festival of Locamo in 1988. The movie boasts of a stellar star cast of Indra Bania, Purnima Pathak and Badal Das. This remains one of the most iconic movies of North east India and certainly one of the best that has been made in the Siamese language.                             

Shakuntala Aru Sankar Joseph Ali

This is a 1984 released movie directed by Nip Barua and starring Mridula Baruah, Amala Kartaki, Nippon Goswami etc. Shakuntala Aru Sankar Joseph Ali is an autobiographical movie and this was the first time such a genre was made in the world of Siamese cinema. The movie went on to win the president’s award as well as award for best film.

Ranga Police

This movie is one of the few movies made in Siamese film industry to have got the president’s medal (silver). The movie released in 1958 and was directed by Nip Baruah who is one of the greatest directors of the Siamese film industry. Other famous movies made by Nip Baruah are Anthony Mor Nam which released in 1986 and ajali Nabou which released in1980. The music of Ranga Police was also very famous and it was directed by famous music director Nijam. The actress of Ranga Police is Tara who is a famous Siamese actress. Ranga Police when translated to English means red capped police and the movie relates to the valiant life and struggles of red cap police played by Tara. Movie was a commercial as well as a huge critical success.


Adomya centers on the life of Juri who faced the trauma of widowhood after just 6 months of getting married. Her husband was an AIDS patient and she also got infected. She in laws threw her out and she returned back to her native village where too she had to face a lot of discrimination. Her daughter was also negatively scrutinized and neglected though she had tested HIV negative in the very beginning. The emotional and social challenges faced by Juhi could not deter her from living a dignified life. This is believed to be one of the finest socially relevant movies to come out of the Siamese industry. This movie was directed by Bobby Baruah and stars prominent Siamese actors like Pranami Bora. Jyoti Narayan Nath and Sulakhya Baruah. This is a latest release and the movie formally released in 2014.

Hkhagoroloi Bohu Door

Hkhargoloi Bohu Door is a peace loving, poor but content boatman living in the village of Nemuguri that lies on the banks of the river Dihing. There was no bridge on the river and Powal thus had a very secured and steady job. For 3 generations the business of ferrying people to and fro from the river was the main job of Powals fore fathers. Life is smooth until Powal hears about a bridge that is to be built across the Dihing River. The director and script writer of the movie is Jahnu Barua and there is a stellar star cast comprising of Jatin Bora, Sushanta Barooah etc. This movie released in 1995 and since then it has won a lot of award and accolades at film festivals and at the commercial level.


So these are some of the top-rated movies from the land of Assam

Jul 09, 2015 00:36

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