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3 Traditional Breakfast Dishes of Assam

May 02, 2016 21:46

The cuisine of Assam is delicious as well is diverse. The Assamese tribes make use of numerous ingredients like dried bamboo shoot, fish, fiery bhoot jolokia chilly and numerous types of animal meat to make yummy dishes. However, not all Assamese recipes are made with such ingredients. On the contrary, you will find some breakfast recipes in Assam that are made with simple ingredients and yet they taste great. Some of these dishes are also ideal from health perspective.

Below listed are some such breakfast recipes from Assam.



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This is a traditional breakfast in Assam that tastes great and is healthy as well. The best thing about it is that you do not have to cook anything, literally. Used as a mini meal in wedding and similar occasion, this is also served during the famous Bihu festival.

The ingredients are required are puffed rice (muri), flattened rice (chira), ground and roasted rice(xandoh), cooked glutinous rice (bora saul). You will also need some jaggery and curd. Making the dish is simple. Soak the forms of rice for a few minutes. If using muri, there is no need to use water. Put everything on a bowl and pour the curd and jaggery atop. In traditional Assam households, this dish is served in bowls made of bell metal.

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Poita Bhat and Aloo Pitika

Poita Bhat and Aloo Pitika

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This is traditional breakfast enjoyed by farmers in Assam. In many rural households in the state, this remains the most favorite type of breakfast even today. The fermented rice and chilly long with tangent taste of mustard oil, entices your taste buds.

To make Poita Bhat, you will need a cup of cooked and soaked rice, half cup of buttermilk, chopped green chilly, onions and salt. You have to blend all ingredients with rice well and add some mustard oil. 

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To make aloo pitika, you have to take a few boiled potatoes, mustard oil, salt and some chopped green chilies. Peel the potatoes and then mash them well, add the other ingredients and mix well. Make balls with hand and serve with rice.

Paani Pitha

Paani Pitha

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This is another popular Assamese dish served at breakfasts. It is simple to make too. You will need wheat flour, Sugar, oil. You may choose to make it with salt and in that case take some sliced onions.

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Mix the wheat with either sugar or salt and onion. Add some water to the mix and make a paste that is not too thin or thick. Heat a pan on flame and sprinkle oil. Now, spread an amount of paste in circular way and cover for a while. Reverse the process for other side and make the exterior crispy. You can serve it with honey. 

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May 02, 2016 21:46

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