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Guwahati Eateries, through the sands of time

Nov 11, 2016 19:56
Guwahati Eateries

Pretty soon it is going to be vacation time. That time of the year when all the decibels you hear are about tickets, hotel reservations and brunch plans at that elusive open air restaurant that you have been planning and cherishing the prospect of visiting for a long long time. Not that anything is wrong with that but if you are someone residing in the capital city of Assam, Guwahati or someone who has marked his/ her presence in the city some two or three decades back and all of a sudden are planning to experience a déjà vu moment again, you know how the eating out culture has evolved in the city. From having limited options for that special dinner to now being spoilt for choice, it has been a longish journey for the city. But as they say, history is to be remembered, let me take you to a leisurely stroll through some of Guwahati’s oldest and still religiously loved eateries.

Shaikh Brothers

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One of the oldest bakeries of the city, Shaikh brothers in pan bazaar have set a benchmark pretty high as far as baked confectionaries are concerned. So much so that Christmas parties in many families in Guwahati is incomplete without that custom made cake from Shaikh brothers topped with icing sugar. Cakes have been their mainstay but not that they lag behind in other departments. Innovation is the route for survival and the bakery have introduced a whole list of mouth watering savouries that go really well with your taste buds irrespective of what season or reason you are having a snack in there. For an eatery established in 1885 to be still loved so much by the population, they must have done something right in their inventory and when you visit the place, drink in some nostalgia and have that piece of cake or puff or wrap, you know why it gets the honors.

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Reboti Chat House

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If you are someone who swears by fancy restaurants and swanky venues, you might not become a fan of this place. But if you are someone who can turn a blind eye to the ambience and give in to flavours , you are the man( or woman) for this eatery in pan bazaar. That chilly infused hot plate of chicken chow or that gigantic egg wrap result in a blast of flavours in your mouth. Couple that with their house made chilly chutney and boy, aren’t you going to be on fire! It is a really old place that has been there for ages. There hasn’t been much changes in the interiors but in a way, maybe, that is the beauty of the place. The quality and quantity of the food served there is really satisfying. It fulfils your appetite and also saves a few bucks. A win win situation.

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China Town

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Pardon me for writing about something Chinese amidst all these bans on Chinese goods but then, its Chinese food and who doesn’t like it! Now, its difficult to say who made the first plate of chow in Guwahati but as far as authentic Chinese food is concerned, there are people ( writer included) who swear by this restaurant. Situated near bhangagarh, China town has been the trend setter for Chinese food in the city. No disrespect to other Chinese eateries in the city, but flavours which you get here and the price at which you get that declares it a winner hands down. There is no beating China Town at its Schezwan fried rice or its Manchurians or even at that bowl of prawn noodle soup. For a Chinese lover ( only in the food category), China town is the road to nirvana or whatever they call that in Chinese.

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Sunflower Restaurant

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This is another of those places which have stood the tests of time. A family restaurant but a favourite hunting ground for college students, Sunflower restaurant have stood hosts to so many ideal hangouts, reunions ( and dates) that memories of your own buddy hood days flash before your eyes, if you have passed that stage. With a largely Indian and Chinese menu ,it’s the usual fare that you expect from  a student friendly eatery. Being situated at a prime location, one can be rest assured that it will never go out of sync.

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Nov 11, 2016 19:56

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