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Guwahati's Burger Trail

Nov 01, 2016 21:17

How do you rejuvenate and re-energise yourself after a barrage of long lectures in college or a tiring day at office ( and we are not talking Boost or Glucon-D here! )?  If your answer is –a movie or a coffee date with your beloved-that’s fine. But have you not tried out spending time with one of the world’s most loved fast foods- the BURGER yet?? If that’s ringing a bell, let me take you to a tour of some of Guwahati’s most loved Burger joints ( anon exhaustive list, of course)  and give you some options to add some zing to your day.


A comparatively new eatery situated near Ambari, this small but cosy place has earned a good following for itself. Their burgers are a hit among the breed of people known as foodies. Available in single, double or triple patty sizes, you are free to attend this burger ‘swayamvar’ keeping in sync with your tummy (and your wallet). A personal favourite is their pork patty burger which is by far one of the best you would ever taste. A perfect blend of soft and chewy minced meat seasoned with an array of spices and then fried makes their patty, one to die for. Added to that are grated cheese, slowly melted over the patty. Fresh veggies and a softie of a bun are guaranteed to make you forget life’s woe ( without ‘the breakup song’).

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Located on G.S. Road, Zoo road and Uzan bazaar, this chain is probably the leader of the town as far as burgers, shawarmas and pitas go. They make their chicken yummylicious, marinating them in a super sauce and then frying it. Available in quite a few sizes, their burgers are drool worthy. Grill Republica joints are smallish places which are generally always full given their huge popularity. Their x factor is their mayo, which they make themselves and are quite generous with it. The chicken breast along with the mayo create a storm of flavours in your mouth and as they said about a potato chips brand, here too, ‘no one can eat just one!’

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This is one eatery which has been there for a long time now. Beatrix, located near Guwahati club is a popular hang out joint in the area. Their Burgers too enjoy quite a fan following. The succulent chicken fillet bathed in a spicy mayo sandwiched between slightly toasted buns instantly make the world a happy place when you take a bite of it. Complimented with deep fried fries, their burgers sure will make your day.

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Maach means Fish and this place on G.S. Road is a haven for fish lovers of the city. Now, the burger is not the star dish when you look at the menu for you will be spoiled for choice given the fishes and their dishes on offer. But when in just a casual mood for a casual meal, their burger does wonders. Particularly because a Fish burger is certainly not  what dreams are made of but when you indulge in it , it gives you a pleasant shock. The surprise element is that how fish ( which personally even I hate) can provide such a wonderful fillet in a burger. Statutory warning:you might not want to taste chicken after biting into their fish burger!

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Yes, the name certainly does justice to the eatery. Situated in Dispur, snack mafia is a name Burger addicts swear by. Sample this: Their star burger consists of fresh veggies, two chicken patties, two chicken breasts, a thick slice of cheese, perfectly fried onion rings and an egg poach which runs all over the burger and is complimented with mayo and a spicy dip and what is it called? Any guesses? The Godfather! When you see and get a taste of it, you know why it is called so. The pork counterpart of this is called the Pork Montana. A side dish of smoked chicken, smoked pork with bamboo shoots or fish fritters to go with the burger and you will feel your evenings can’t get any better.

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These were just a few fishes among the ocean of lust inducing burger joints currently cocooning the city. Give these a try quick for a new list won’t take much time! Happy Eating folks.

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Nov 01, 2016 21:17

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