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Restaurants in Assam Serving Traditional Food

Sep 30, 2016 21:07

When you visit North East Indian states, your tour is not complete unless you taste the regional dishes! The cuisine of states like Assam and Manipur is diverse and unique and you will relish the experience of savoring such dishes. Assamese cuisine is eclectic, marked by its simplicity and variety of taste and flavor. People of Assam make use of regional herbs and spices to make mouth watering dishes that you will not get elsewhere easily.

Savoring authentic Assamese dishes


Unless you have a friend or relative staying in Assam for years, the only option for savoring delicious Assamese food cooked in traditional manner is going to the restaurants. However, you have to be careful about this as all restaurants do not actually adhere to traditional methods of cooking Assamese dishes anymore. At selected eateries in various parts of Assam, you can still get authentically prepared dishes of the state. Both the locals and tourists flock to these eateries to taste authentic Assamese foods. Nowadays, people find it hard to use charcoal cooking or bamboo tubes for roasting food in their kitchens-which is a part of Assamese cuisine.

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Below listed are the top restaurants in Assam where you find traditionally cooked food:



This is one family restaurant located in Guwahati’s GS Road that serves excellent and traditionally prepared Assamese dishes. The menu is quite extensive.  The dishes worth mentioning include fresh water fish recipes, charcoal grilled pork. Vegetarians can savor the veg special thali. The desert options are also enticing. Fresh vegetable dishes like drumstick with pumpkin anja and stir-fried dhekia will tantalize your taste buds.

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Paradise is among the most popular and widely visited eateries and it is located at Silpukhuri. The restaurant is run by family of S.K. Bezbaruah. The ambiance is reminiscent of the bygone era and period furnishing and dim lighting relaxes your mind. The royal ahom thali is a major hit with visitors here. It is served on polished brass plates. You may try the tangy appetizer- amluki (gooseberry) soup. The fish tenga is something you should not miss. The dishes are cooked mostly in mustard oil including the popular chicken curry. Another dish worth trying is the goroi maas pitika.

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Delicacy is one brightly lit, neat eatery in Ganeshguri of Guwahati that has a menu with focus on fish dishes. It is owned and run by Mr. Bhuban Gam. The interior is adorned with bamboo and metal. The chital maas cooked with mustard is a hit. It is so creamy you will hardly realize when it melts in the mouth! The fish anja dishes are also mouth watering. If you want to try meat dishes, try the duck gourd curry. The Sesame Chicken in broken rice is another delicacy worth trying out. You can also explore the smoked dishes. The variety of pickles is also worth mentioning. Indigenous deserts like Payash and Kheer complete the meals.

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Brahmaputra Jungle Resort


If you want to savor authentic Assamese dishes in natural surroundings, getting a little away from Guwahati is what you need to do. At Sonapur, which is half hour’s drive from Guwahati, you will find the Brahmaputra Jungle Resort. Staying in close proximity of nature and savoring delicious Assamese dishes, served steaming hot, is possible here. The traditional Assamese breakfast comprising of curd, jiggery, flat rice and milk is amazingly tasty. The favorite is the Sanga pork which is cooked with ginger-garlic paste inside hollow bamboo tubes. It tastes succulent and has a unique smoky flavor. It tastes best teamed with joha rice served on banana leaf.

Sep 30, 2016 21:07

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