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Time for Something Tall and Cool

Sep 07, 2017 11:03
Tall and Cool

No matter how hot it gets outside, you are expected to get through the day with a smile and it isn’t always easy. Although there is no magic solution, we think it helps to indulge in ice-cold shakes. They help to keep the happiness radar up even when the scorching sun is blazing down on you. Here are some delightful and decadent shakes in Guwahati that you should try this summer –

Keeping it Classic

We love the Crunchy Vanilla Frappe at 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro. If you are not a big fan of chocolate shakes and need something ice-cold to quench your thirst then this is the way to go. 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro also has a varied savoury menu so you can order something cheesy to go with your drink. If it’s a windy day, then be sure to sit on the balcony which offers a great view of Dighalipukhuri.

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Crunchy Vanilla Frappe costs Rs 140

Address: Opposite Assam State Museum, Dighalipukhuri, Tayabullah Road, Uzan Bazaar, Guwahati

The Orea Nut

If you are a fan of ores then you should try the Crunchy Orea Shake at The Basement Cafe. It is crunchy and chocolaty, and we could not ask for more. The cafe also has a lot of yummy sandwiches that you can order to have along with your shake. What we love about this cafe is its affordable menu; you can eat some great food without having to break the bank.

Crunchy Orea Shake costs Rs 150

Address: R.G. Baruah Road, Near Guwahati Commerece College, Chandmari, Guwahati

Going Green

For those who enjoy fruit shakes, the Green Apple Shake at Cafe Shillong is a must-try. It is sweet, has a punch of green apples and is the perfect way to start your day. The cafe has an eclectic menu so you can order something sweet or savoury, depending on what you feel like, to have along with your shake. If it is drizzling outside, then we suggest you try the outdoor seating. Sip on your shake and read a book or listen to some music to help you relax.

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Green Apple Shake costs Rs 150

Address: The Guwahati Address by Centre Point, 45/46 RG Baruah Road, Near Ambika Petrol Pump, Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati

The Chocolate Fix

If you are the kind of person who cannot have enough of chocolate then the Nutella and Pretzel Mocha Freak Shake at Mocha is perfect for you. It comes in a big mason jar topped with whipped cream with coloured sprinkles. There is nothing minimalist about this shake, it is truly decadent. Order some light bites to go along with your shake.

Nutella and Pretzel Mocha Freak Shake costs Rs 225

Address: Anil Plaza 2, GS Road, Christian Basti, Guwahati

By: Meeta Borah | Source: eclectic Northeast

Sep 07, 2017 11:03

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