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Top 7 Desserts of Assamese Cuisine

Dec 24, 2015 20:55
Assamese Cuisine

Like the sumptuous Non vegetarian dishes of Assam, its desserts and sweet dishes can be absolutely mouthwatering. A majority of Assamese dessert are made of rice. Ingredients like coconut and jaggery are also widely used to make such dishes. These dishes are simple to prepare and do not require much time either. Below listed are top 7 desserts from the Northeastern state.

Bora Chaulor Payas (Sticky Rice Payas)

Made with sticky rice, this dessert has an amazing taste. You will need ingredients like 1 liter milk, 50 gms Sticky rice, Bay leaves, ghee, 100 grams sugar, a few cardamoms to make it.

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Soak the rice and drain the water. Let it dry on a platter. Heat the milk and reduce it to half on slow heat. Heat oil in a pan and then caramelize sugar. Gradually add the soaked rice, bay leaves and cardamom to it. Stir fry the mixture and add milk. When it gets thickened, add the sugar. Stir a little and put off flame.

Komolar kheer (Orange kheer)

This is a typical Assamese dessert that tastes different but enthralling. You will need ingredients like almonds, sugar, 1 liter of milk, cashew nuts and half cup of orange pulp.

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Boil the milk in a deep pan on slow heat and thicken it to half. Peel and chop the almond and chop the cashew as well. Add them to the thickened milk. Add sugar and occasionally stir the milk. When the kheer is ready put off flame and cool it. Before serving sprinkle the chilled orange pulp on kheer.

Rice payas

This is one simple pays that can be prepared quite fast. Assamese people use Joha rice to make it. You will also need a liter milk, ghee, sugar, raisins, bay leaves, crushed cardamoms.

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Soak the rice and drain water first. Caramel the sugar with ghee and fry the rice until it is golden. Boil the milk on slow heat and thicken it. Add the rice and a few bay leaves. After some time add remaining ingredients. Put off flame when payas is thick and sprinkle cardamoms on top. You can serve it chilled.

Narikol Pitha

This is another Assamese delicacy that can be prepared easily. You will require ingredients like 1 cup flour, half cup sugar, half cup grated coconut, baking powder, milk and refined oil.

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Roast the coconut and sugar at the beginning. Let it cool and mix all ingredients to form dough. Make balls with hands and flatten them. Deep fry the pieces in oil. These can be stored for many days.

Narikolor laru

This is one dessert that you can prepare with only two ingredients- it is that simple! You will need fresh garter coconut and sugar in 2:1 ratio.

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Mix the grated coconut and sugar using your hands. Cook the mixture on slow heat and stir. After it is sticky, cool the mixture and make round small balls. Cool them and keep in airtight jars.

Xutuli Pitha

It is not very popular in Assamese cuisine but the taste is awesome. You need to use 500 grams sticky rice, 250 grams sesame seed, 500 grams jiggery. You will also need mustard oil.

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Wash, drain and dry the rice. Then grind it to make powder. Rinse the sesame seeds and rub well. Let it dry so the skin falls off. Roast the seeds and make coarse powder. Mix the powder with jaggery which will be the stuffing. For the dough mix jiggery with powdered rice and add a small amount of water. Now take small sized dough on palms, make a ball and then flatten it. Spread a small amount of stuffing and fold the dough by pressing fingers. Deep fry the pithas in oil and serve them hot.

Gooror Payash

It can be made semi thick or thick as per your liking. You will need ingredients like 4 cups of milks, 1/4cup Grated jaggery, 1/2cup Rice, chopped cashew, chopped dates, bay leaves to make it.

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Simmer the milk for some time and then add rice, jaggery and bay leaves to it. Keep on stirring while simmering the mixture. Then add the rest of the ingredients and cook until the rice is cooked. Serve after chilling the payas.

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Dec 24, 2015 20:55

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