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Amazing Historic Caves of Assam

Sep 09, 2016 20:56

Tourists exploring the beautiful northeastern state Assam have many things to explore, as it is. From the sprawling majestic tea gardens to the enticing wildlife sanctuaries and century old temples, the state has many sightseeing options. The architectural wonders of Assam are no less enticing. While the majority of tourists are aware of the remains of Ahom and Kachari dynasty in the state, the historic caves of Assam are yet to get the limelight. These caves can be of interest to any tourist while those into history and architecture will surely relish exploring these ancient historical sites.

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Jogighopa caves


Located in a small town on northern side of picturesque Brahmaputra River banks, the Jogighopa cave temples stand as testimony to the rich cultural heritage of Assam. The rock caves are not much aesthetic as such but they bear testimony to the fact Assam was a hub of scholarly and learned in the medieval era. It is now being maintained by the Archaeological survey of India.

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The caves are basically cubicles cut through from grey rocks. These rock caves were used by medieval era monks for meditation and prayers. At the site, you will also come across a number of temples and monuments, all made of rocks. The origin of these rocks is not clear but historians believe they were carved in between 655 - 900 AD. Among the 5 caves, the best preserved chamber is 1.9 m high, 1.8 m deep and 2.6 m wide. Later, a platform of mud and brick was added outside. Rock-made flight of steps is there in front. The other cave temples are smaller.

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Umachal rock cave


Discovered just 4 years back, the Umachal rock cave is located in Kalipur not far from Guwahati. It was discovered by the locals by chance and the dense jungles around kept it out of public knowledge for ages.

As per the views of eminent historians, the origin of Umachal Rock caves can be traced back to almost 1500 years ago. The rock inscriptions found in these caves have made the archeologists curious. Some of those inscriptions refer to the famous Kamarupa King Mahendra Varman, who reigned from 470 to 494 BCE. A broken large stone bowl was found in the caves. Inside the cave, a floral rock sculpture was discovered as well. The inscriptions are deemed to be in a form of the Gupta script. The Archeology Department of Assam looks after the site nowadays.

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Sep 09, 2016 20:56

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