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The Lake of No Return - India’s own Bermuda Triangle

Feb 06, 2017 20:00
Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda’s Triangle. The name is enough to give you the chills. Scores of documentaries, magazine cover stories, newspaper reports and what not have glorified the area so much that it still is one of the most searched mysteries on the web. Having said that, what if I told you that there’s a mini version of the Bermuda Triangle here in India itself. And you needn’t look far for the concerned place lies here in the north east! Petrified? Well, they don’t call it ‘Incredible North east for nothing.

‘The Lake of No Return’ also known as the ‘Nawngxyang’ is a water body lying in the Pausang Pass region near the India Burma border near the village of Pangsau. The lake is located south west of the road currently known as the Ledo road. The road is of great historical significance as the allied forces originally built the road in 1942 and at that time the road marked itself on the map as the ‘Stilwell road’. For the statistically minded, the lake is 1.4 kilometres long and its width measures 0.8 kilometres when it is at its widest.

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The Pangsau Pass area is inhabited by the Tangsa tribe and the region’s recent development has been made possible by events such as the ‘Pangsau Pass Winter Festival’. The festival not only presents the visitors with the opportunity to perceive the way of life of the tribe from up-close but also throws out an invitation to feel the mystery that shrouds the lake of no return. The winter festival in general and the lake have helped change the development scenario of the region in a big way as the lake attracts a sizable number of tourists who have an eye for all things ‘unreal’.

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Now coming to the legends that are behind the naming of the lake as the lake of no return, the most popular story that goes around the lake is that a large number of aircrafts belonging to the allied forces have disappeared or crash-landed in the lake while they were approaching or passing over the eastern end of the Himalayas. The route was a busy one during the second world war as the forces used to fly over the Himalayas to provide reinforcements to the United States and Chinese armies stationed in China. Many a times, aircrafts developed technical snags in air and the pilots in the absence of any radio communication tried to make emergency landings in the vicinity of the lake. The quicksand ensured that their aircrafts never made it out safely.

Source: Alltime Conspiracies(YouTube)

Another story has it that a company of Japanese soldiers while returning from a battle lost their way in the region and somehow reached the lake, only to be struck by Malaria which resulted in their death and consequently giving the lake the doomed name. Battalions that passed through this area were reported lost and were never heard of again. Troops sent to examine the lake never lived to recount their tales of horror.

If this wasn’t enough, there were also claims that the name of the lake marks its presence on a script written by one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. These tribes were deported from the kingdom of Israel after Israel was conquered by the Neo-Assyrian Empire and some believe that the tribe is still lurking somewhere near the lake!

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How much of these stories are true, I guess we will never know. But even then , a lake shrouded in mystery like this one definitely qualifies for a look in for who knows what answers stay hidden in the  chilling depths of the Lake of No Return! So pick up your maps, say your prayers and dive in (literally!) for a mystery is calling out to be solved.

Image courtesy: Namdapha Tours and Treks

Feb 06, 2017 20:00

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