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Ten authentic, interesting and unusual facts about Assam

Sep 26, 2016 20:50

The geographical shape of the Indian state Assam has the majestic description about its existence on the map of the nation-“a bird taking to its wings to fly towards the River Brahmaputra”. The unique statehood has an enviable mosaic of cultures, motifs, and milieus that make it a hot tourist destination of people from every part of the world. The breath-taking natural beauty of the national parks, extra-ordinary flora and fauna, stunning sight of the River Brahmaputra, and multihued ethnicity in the tribes make the state an outstanding place for one and all. As the state is home to various tribes, castes, and creeds, the places in it have fables, anecdotes, folklores, and relics of the past that bring disbelief to people around the world. Coupled with the grandeur of the heroic past, the state has often appeared in the textbooks as an ideal example of true Indian identity. For aeons, the state has stayed an ideal living place of all the communities like Bengalis, Marwaris, and Biharis. Extra-ordinary culinary, dishes, customs, and costumes mark a special place for it in the world map.

Let’s know about ten authentic, interesting and unusual facts about Assam.

Assam-not at all a forested, flood-affected, and rapists’ state

Although, untoward incidents have taken place to give the state a off beam image, Assam has without end stayed a place of ever-lasting development.  Literally a place welcoming globalization, the state has everything in its boundaries to match pace with steps of modernization and progress.  Oil refineries, world-class shopping malls, burgeoning trading, and progress of Science and Technology put it in on the world map in development.

Exquisite culinary and dishes bear the true Indian nationality

Not just one but innumerable dishes and extra-ordinary culinary could make Assam a foodies’ paradise. The savory dishes spring up surprises as the guests to the state find their own dishes with extra-ordinary tastes. Be it the exclusive flavor of rice and fish curries or special savor of meat, the guests only relish the tastes for their entire lives.

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Assam remained victorious from the attacks of all the kingdoms- unparalleled heroism

Moguls conquered almost every part of India. The powerful dynasties attacked the other states and annexed them to their kingdoms. But history reveals that the heroic people of Assam fought relentlessly and never let anyone succeed to have an inch from their lands till the time they lost their sovereignty to the British.

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Assam has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) growth in north-east but lowest per capita income!!!

The contribution of the state in terms of monetary values of all finished goods and services produced is the highest in India. But it cuts definitely a sad figure, when it comes to the light that the state has the lowest per capita income.

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Brahmaputra-the Biggest River flowing through Assam

It goes without any doubt that the civilization of Assam flourished because of the River Brahmaputra. But no such state in India has such a widely flowing river like that of Assam. It is incredible that Brahmaputra River has a width of 10 kilometers and its formidable shape surprises one and all.

Until 1950, Tripura & Manipur were parts of Assam

Very few people know that Tripura and Manipur were integral parts of Assam. It was in the year 1950, both the provinces became separate states. 

Where is the biggest riverine island of the world located? It is only in Assam

The biggest and the most magnificent riverine island in the world, Majuli, is simply treat to the eyes to the hundreds of thousands of visitors. Spread over 352 square kilometers, the island is a paradise for the nature-lovers.

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Assam- the home to UNESCO World Heritage sites

The luscious greenery in the sanctuaries attract innumerable visitors from all-over the world. Among the sanctuaries, the Kaziranga National Park and Manas Wildlife Sanctuaries are the biggest forested areas. The exceptional flora and fauna has earned them places among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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The second place where petroleum was discovered

If Pennsylvania is the first place, where petroleum was discovered in the year 1859, Makum in Assam was the second place where petroleum was drilled from the well in the year 1867.

Drinking Alcohol- not a Taboo in Assam

Most of the people in Assam love to drink alcohol during their leisure. Be it any occasion, they make sure that drinking takes place during celebrations. It is a surprising fact that some of the families even brew their liquor.

Sep 26, 2016 20:50

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