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Tourist Destinations in Dima Hasao

Jun 28, 2015 14:58

It doesn’t matter if you travel by roads or by the northeast frontier railways one will anyways witness the postcard like pristine scenic beauty – crafted by the Almighty Himself. The villages and the town, which come into the vision through the clouds and the rolling mist float around like gift to the visitors and provide them an emerald-green landscape. 

The scenic beauty of Dima Hasao is not the only thing for which the travellers visit the place. The fascinating tribal, cultural and the ethnic mix of the people of Dima Hasao make it unique. This place is enriched with the traditions and customs of the people, the bazaars (market) and the colourful festivals adds on to the land. The hospitality of the people of the place with local brew is beyond any comparison. Moreover, Dima Hasao is a perfect place to visit at any time of the year with salubrious climate all around the year.

Some places which are a must to visit when in Dima Hasao district of Assam:-

Haflong: Up in the rugged terrains stands Assam’s only hill station Haflong, where one can see the rainbow down below. It is the head quarter of  Dima Hasao District. The hills emerge from the heart of Assam like chorus of silent hymns & rise up to the sky like the crescendo. This small town is gifted with a natural lake, beautiful churches, temples, some age old bungalows from the British era. One can even go trekking to the Borail hills. 

There are several places where the tourists can stay like the Circuit House, Hotel Elite, Hotel Jayashree, Hotel Eastern etc , at very minimal rent.

Jatinga: Jatinga is only 9 kilometres away from Haflong. It is the place famous for the incident of the birds doing Harakiri or committing the suicide. Actually, lots of migratory birds arrive at Jatinga during the period of August to November. What starts as a happy affair with the arrival of many colourful guests, ends up in a terrible and sad phenomenon when they start committing the suicide. There few conditions for the birds to commit a suicide. Firstly, it should be a moonless night. Secondly, the air must be cloudy, misty or foggy. Thirdly, a little bit of rain enhances the chances of this phenomenon. Fourthly, a gentle breeze should flow from the south to north. 7 PM to 10 PM is the time considered as the best to watch this phenomenon.

Scientists are keen on solving this mystery since a long. But no single hypothesis or research work proved to be correct. According to a group of experts, this happens because of peculiar weather conditions of Jatinga. According to another group of scientists it is a natural procedure to balance the number of those migratory birds. Surprisingly, this unwanted incident draws a large amount of tourists at Jatinga at this time.

Maibang: It is 53 kilometres away from Haflong and situated at the bank of the river Mahur. Historically, Maibang was popular as the capital of the Kachari Kingdom, Dimasa. The temple, built by the Kachari king, the stone house and some other historical ruins are the primary attractions of Maibang. While visiting this place, one can stay at the PWD guest house or the Irrigation I B.

Umrangso: This place is 224 kilometres and 112 kilometres away from Guwahati and Haflong respectively. The NEEPCO developed Hydel power plant became a prime attraction in this place. It is situated with the Dam on the River Kopili. There is a famous hot water spring named as Garampani here in this place. It is believed that the water of this spring has some medicinal values. There are various places to stay while visiting Umrangso. Some of them are NEEPCO Guest House, DC’s bungalow; guest houses of various cement factories and the PWD Guest House.

Panimoor: This place is situated around 120 kilometres away from Haflong. The River Kopili turns into an awesome waterfall here in this place rolling over the rocks.  One can stay at the Forest Inspection Bungalow while visiting Panimoor. Else one can look for the PWD IB at Diyungmukh.

Thuruk: This is one of the great places in the district Dima Hasao that experiences the snowfall. This place is quite tempting for the trekkers. Moreover, this village is quite famous for the hospitality shown by the villagers.

Hajong: This place is famous for the hill terrapins of very rare variety and that too in large numbers. One should visit the Hajong Lake that is located in the Reserve Forest of Langting Mupa. If you one is lucky enough then one can catch the sight of seven rare varieties of tortoise.

Laisong: Hangseuki, the largest traditional dorm of the Naga people is situated in Laisong. This dormitory concentrates to preserve the Naga traditions and cultures.

Harangajao: Famous for the cultural centre of the district. Now it is also famous because it is the chief producer of pineapples in the district.

Ethnic Village near Jatinga: This is considered as the latest tourist attraction in Haflong. Different cultures are subjected to mix here and give the tourists a great memory to remember. One can find the traditional dorms and houses of various tribes of Dima Hasao here in the same surrounding. This unique place reflects a collective picture of culture, tradition, harmony and heritage. This place is constructed under RSVY and is maintained by the Department of Forestry.
Jun 28, 2015 14:58

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