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Where Assam Goes To Picnic

Jan 16, 2017 20:00
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We are past Christmas and winter is at its peak. Another year has gone by and it is time to start afresh. But before that there are some unfinished businesses to settle, some incomplete tales to complete, songs left to sing and a long trip to take. What am I talking about? Well, of course I am talking about one of the best things that winter has to offer- Picnics! And as I speak, families, friends, offices, schools and colleges are busy planning or may have even completed the fool-proof blueprint of their year end picnic party. And why shouldn’t they. Picnics are occasions that bring people closer and grant them an absolute whale of a day that none can forget in a hurry.

If you happen to be in Assam and are in a fix regarding where to go and how to cook, then let me help you with the former and show you around some great picnic destinations of the state. About the cooking problem, well, I can only pray for you!  


For the people of upper Assam and particularly those residing in and around the vicinity of Dibrugarh, Aaithan is THE picnic destination to go to. Situated on the bank of the mighty Brahmaputra, Aaithan has over the years earned itself quite a name among picnic goers. Aaithan is in reality a sacred place and disciples go there to worship the Goddess known as ‘Koli Aai Than’ in the local language. But the location of the place and the aura of it has over the years have helped it grow into one of the most popular picnic spots of the state.

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Once the all important centre of the Ahom Kingdom, Charaideo located in the Sivasagar district of the state has grown into a busy picnic hub for the people of the district. Sivasagar is the home of grand Ahom monuments and lush green fields making it the perfect accomplice in any picnic strategy. It is about 27 km from the main town and once you get there, you won’t be in a hurry to return given the beauty of the place.

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Chandubi is a natural lake situated about 65 kilometres from Guwahati in  Kamrup district of the state. The lake is located at the foot of the Garo Hills and lies in between the states of Assam and Meghalaya. It’s a place blessed with an amazing blanket of serenity and this feeling dwelves upon each and every visitor at this spot. The Government, too, on its part is doing its bit to promote the beauty of this place through the Chandubi festival. It is undoubtedly the most popular picnic spot for the people of Guwahati.

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Located about 50 kilometres from the main town of Nagaon, Aakakhi Ganga is a beautiful waterfall located on the Dabaka-Dimapur Road. Its lush green surroundings and overwhelming eco system act as crowd magnets. The views act as a soothing sight to the eyes and that results in a trip that remains etched onto the memories of the visitors for years to come.

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Bhairabkunda is yet another massively popular picnic spot of the state located in  Udalgudi district on the border of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. At an elevation of 703 metres, Bhairabkunda acts as the confluence point of the Jampani and the Bhairabi river paving the way for the formation of the Dhansiri river. It is also the location of a major Dam and irrigation project. People throng the place in winter and particularly during the new year and that shows the popularity the spot enjoys in the eyes of the public.

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All said and done, hopefully the above list will come in handy for your picnic planning and that you will have a massively amazing time welcoming the new year with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Go and Get feasting!

Jan 16, 2017 20:00

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