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Assamese tribes

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Assamese tribes make use of various natural ingredients in cuisine. These include some uncommon and rarely used plants and herbs. They also use indigenous vegetables like Colocasia (called Cosu) in their meals. With the stems and leaves of this...
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The cuisine of Assam is quite enticing and full of variety- to say the least. The indigenous tribes residing in this north eastern state make use of numerous natural ingredients, produce, animal meat etc to make mouthwatering dishes. Rice is a prime...
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Assamese cuisine is unique and for someone visiting the hilly state- it is often full of surprises too! The tribes of Assam use nearly everything in disposal of Mother Nature for cooking and the result is often delicious. Apart from using items like...
Tasty Banana Dishes
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It is wrong to assume that Assamese tribes use mostly animal meat and fish types for meals. They are voracious rice eaters and the truth is they also use numerous vegetables and fruits in their cuisine. They use bananas a lot in their dishes. In...
Bihu Festival Recipes
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In Assam the various tribes celebrate their traditional festivals with fervor and diligence. There are some festivals that are celebrated by nearly all tribes. The Bihu festival is a major festival of Assam which is related with harvest. During the...

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