Concerned about the safety and whereabouts of your kid while he or she is driving alone? Worried about your valuables, luggage or car? A GPS tracking device can put all your worries to rest by providing instant real-time information about the location of your loved ones or valuable objects in seconds. You can receive the information via text, e-mail or through a map on your computer or smartphone. A GPS tracking device is a handy tool that allows you to track the whereabouts of your kids, elderly parents, pets and valuables. But when it comes to choosing a GPS tracker, there are different kinds of trackers in the market. It is important to make sure that the GPS tracker you choose has some essential features such as real-time tracking, alerts and notifications, quality mapping, easy compatibility with other devices, etc.

What is a GPS Tracker?

The GPS tracking system (Global Positioning System) was developed by the U.S government and it can be used to pinpoint the location of any object or individual. The GPS tracking system works with the help of 31 active satellites that are present in the orbit of the earth. The tracker receives information about the object you are searching in the form of signals from these satellites which it uses to point the location of the object. GPS tracks use signals from multiple satellites to find out the location of the object.

Things to Look for While Choosing a GPS Device

Passive Tracking System/ Real-Time Tracking System – GPS devices have either a passive tracking system of a real-time tracking system.

  • Passive Tracking System – The receiver unit of passive tracking system stores all GPS data which is downloaded to a local server only after the vehicle returns home for the day. Passive tracking system requires a large amount of memory for storing the data.
  • Real-Time Tracking System – Also known as an active tracking system uses a cellular or satellite modem located within the GPS system. It continuously updates the data into the server based on a preset frequency. The real-time tracking system is more efficient at providing the current location of an object which allows you to take immediate action in case of an emergency.
  • Alerts and Notifications – It is best to choose a GPS device that provides real-time alerts and notifications which will allow you to take instant action. With this feature, you won’t need to stick to the computer or smartphone screen all day. You will receive instant alerts or messages if your car is speeding excessively or entering a restricted geographic area.
  • Quality Mapping – This is yet another important feature of any GPS device that allows you to zoom into street levels and provides different views of the area – bird’s eye, street maps, satellite. For this feature, the GPS system has to be partnered with a good mapping system to ensure accurate and up-to-date mapping.
  • Mobile Compatibility – It is not possible to sit in front of your monitor the entire day to keep track of your vehicle or vehicles. So, make sure that the tracking system you choose has a mobile app or user portal that you can access with an internet-connected mobile device and monitor your vehicle no matter where you are.

 Best GPS Tracking Devices in India

1. Trak GPS Tracker

This is a consumer-oriented personal GPS tracker that is designed for tracking small kids, family members and cars. It is extremely easy to use, accurate and has a number of useful features.

It allows you to locate your kid’s whereabouts in real-time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere, anytime.

The GPS Tracker is equipped with an All India Data SIM-card with inbuilt unlimited Free GPRS data which allows you to track your family members while they travel across the country.

The tracker offers 3 forms of notifications in the form of SMS, e-mail and in-app notification so that you get instant information about any emergency.

The tracker comes with an SOS emergency button that sends SMS or email to registered mobile numbers.

The tracker also features over speed alert and Switch off/No signal alert.

It has a powerful 1000 mAh inbuilt Lithium Polymer battery which runs for 4 to 5 days in battery saver mode and 1 to 3 days in active mode.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on hardware and 6 months warranty on the battery.


This is a highly efficient real-time GPS tracker for vehicles that can track cars, trucks and bikes.

The device has a compact size but is provides the most accurate results. It uses GPS to get real-time location of the vehicle and send it to the LMROD server. In case of connection issues, it stores the location data in the device.

This tracker shows real-time location of your car or bike on Google map.

This device is efficient at recording distance, mileage and average speed of a vehicle. It also records if the vehicle exceeds speed limit at particular places.

It comes with an anti-theft alarm which sends an automatic notification to the user if the vehicle is driven at a preset time.

The tracking device is small and compact and extremely easy to install in the car.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

3. DYTECH GPS tracker GT02A Google link real-time tracking 

This is an efficient mini GPS tracker for vehicles such as cars, trucks, etc. that comes with separate android and IOS app which makes it highly compatible all your smart devices.

It is a powerful tracking device with 20 Tracking sensitivity and -159dBm Acquisition sensitivity which provides accurate location information about your vehicle.

The feature of real-time location monitoring in this device allows the user to know the exact location of the vehicle at a specific time.

It has three colour status indicator lamps that indicate GSM status, GPS statues and power status of the device.

The tracker is connected to the engine using a power connector which supplies power supply to the tracker.

The tracker comes with a USB data interface option that is used by the manufacturer to upgrade the software.

4. ZAICUS GT02A GPS Tracker

This is yet another compact mini GPS tracker that provides real-time tracking and alerts and comes with Quad-band and built-in antenna.

This tracking device has a tracking sensitivity of -159dBM and acquisition sensitivity of -144dBM which provides the location with great accuracy even when the signal is weak.

It supports both web and SMS link without any prior platform registration. The user can opt for location inquiry using SMS or GPRS.

The tracker can take power supply directly from the car battery.

The LED indicators on the tracker show the working status of the device at any given time.

5. AutoWiz OBD GPS Car Tracker

This is a simple and easy-to-use plug and play GPS car tracker that provides efficient real-time car location tracking on the mobile and AutoWiz App.

Just plug in the tracking device to the OBDII port of your car and it is ready to use.

The device comes with in-build GPS< GPRS and accelerometer that sends the location information and condition data to the AutoWiz Cloud.

Other than providing the location of the car, it also offers car health report that tracks your car’s mileage, maintenance needs, battery status, coolant temperature, etc.

It also analyzes the driving behaviour and provides you with guidelines to save fuel such as over-speeding, engine idling, sudden accelerations, hard braking, etc.

It comes with an anti-theft alarm that can be set up to send notifications if the car is started at specific time or towed.

6. Hastaka Plug and Play OBD II Realtime GPS Car Tracker

This is yet another no wiring, plug and play real-time GPS tracker that is extremely easy to use.

All you need to do is insert an active SIM card in the tracker and plug it to the OBD port and it is ready to function.

The tracker not only tracks the position of your vehicle but also provides information about its speed. It comes with an anti-theft timer that sends alerts if the vehicle is driven during that preset time.

The user can call the OBD tracker and receive return SMS with the exact location of the vehicle on the Google Map application.

It also has a mobile tracking app and web platform that can be used to track the location of your car from your mobile phone or laptop.

7. Garmin GPS etrex10

This is one of the best handheld GPS tracking devices that comes with advanced tracking navigation, amazing accuracy and robust battery life that lasts for about 25 to 30 hours.

It provides full paperless geocaching support along with GPS and GLONASS support that gives better reception in any location.

The device is pre-equipped with maps from all over the world and it indicates geographical features such as terrains, hills, etc.

It features a large 2.2-inch Monochrome display that makes it easy to see the track, navigation and locations.

The track navigation feature allows you to select a track that you want to navigate that provides actual trail distance.

The tracker is highly customizable. The user can customize the main menu item order, data fields, profiles, dashboard, etc.

8. Jenix Mini GPS Tracker

This is a highly portable and compact mini GPS tracker that is suitable for tracking the whereabouts of children, elderly people and pets.

This GPS tracker does not require any app of a platform for working; it functions of the SMS principle. In order to get the exact location, just send an SMS and get a return SMS with all the information.

You can also hear live audio from the GPS tracker by making a phone call to the SIM inserted in the tracker.

This GPS tracker can also be used as an audio recorder and motion detection device.

The tracker is powered by an inbuilt battery that lasts up to 48 hours on a single charging.

9. Coban 303B Car/Truck GPS Tracker

This is a powerful GSM GPS tracker that can be used for tracking vehicles such as cars, trucks and bikes.

It features an ACC Working alarm that sends emergency signals if the device is turned off externally.

This GPS tracker is 100% waterproof and dustproof so it keeps working in all weather conditions.

It has a built-in GSM and GPS antenna that gives it a sleek and compact appearance by ensures high accuracy of the device.

This tracker supports GPS and LBS double tracking solutions.

The user can track locations through SMS, web online tracking, PC based tracking and android and ISO apps.

10. GF-07 GPS GSM GPRS Tracker

This is a basic real-time mini GPS tracker that is suitable for children, pets and car tracking and anti lost protection.

This tracker has to be set up with a SIM card and TF memory card to make it functional.

This GPS tracker can be sued for real-time voice enquiry and location track inquiry.

It also has a separate voice recording feature that lets you hear real-time audio as well.

The tracker is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 12 days locating the working time and 3 to 5 days of GPS positioning time.

This brings us to the end of our list of best GPS trackers in India and we have two top picks in this list – best GPS tracker for kids, elderly people and pets and best GPS tracker for vehicles. Our top GPS tracker for kids and elderly people is “Trak GPS Tracker” that has a compact size and design, high level of accuracy, real-time updates, smartphone compatibility, SOS emergency button and a long battery life.

Our top GPS tracker for vehicles is “LAMROD GPS Tracker ULTRA GT02A” that is suitable for cars, trucks, and bikes. It provides accurate results, shows the real-time location, records distance, mileage and average speed of the vehicle and comes with an anti-theft alarm.


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