8 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

1. Bosch – DWB09W8511 1L 90 cm Stainless Steel Hood Chimney

This chimney manufactured with German technology is one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. Having an extraction/suction power of 800 cubic meters, this chimney can suit all kitchen sizes, especially in Indian homes. The higher suction power ensures that you have a better quality of air in the kitchen.

This chimney uses the European style baffle filters, perfect for use in Indian homes. You have halogen lighting arrangements to illuminating the hob. You have the ductless as well as the ducting variety of chimney in this model.


  • This is an auto cleaning chimney but it is always better to have an AMC in place
  • Saves on your energy bills
  • Ducting facility ensures escaping of smoke to the exterior
  • German technology in use


  • Requires a large amount of space for installation

Verdict: This chimney can be a little large for the middle-class Indian kitchen, but they are very effective.

2. Sunflame Chimney (Innova 90 Auto Clean, Silver)

(90 cm 1100 cubic meter per hour)

You have attractive discounts available at Amazon when you go for this particular chimney. This chimney has a high suction power of 1100 cubic meters per hour. It can suit large kitchens. The feather touch controls make it easy to operate.

You have the baffle filters and the oil collector as well. Hence, cleaning this chimney should not be difficult. This chimney is available in both sizes (60 cm and 90 cm). It has two LED lights for proper illumination and comes with an Auto Clean feature and a one year warranty as well.


  • Auto clean facility
  • Availability in both sizes
  • Tremendous suction power


  • The long exhaust pipe can increase installation costs

Verdict: The kitchen chimney reviews make this chimney one of the most popular in India. It is one of the best kitchen chimneys under Rs 10,000.

3. Hindware Nevio 60 – Heating Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

(Brush Silver 1200)

Hindware Nevio Chimney has an “auto clean” feature and comes with baffle filters. Hence, it is perfectly suited for Indian kitchens. The stainless steel material used for manufacturing the hob is rustproof.

You have the 60 cm as well as the 90 cm model available. Hence, it can cater to all Indian requirements. This is a ducting chimney and hence can incur higher installation costs. You also have attractive LED lighting for illumination.


  • The high suction power of 1200 cubic meters per hour
  • You have water cleaning as well as thermal clean facility.
  • Saves electricity
  • The touch panel makes it attractive to look


  • Installation charges are separate
  • Pipe supplied by the manufacturer requires constant replacement

Verdict: The double auto cleaning feature makes it the best auto clean chimney in India.

4. Hindware Cleo 60 – Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney

(Brush Silver 1200)

This chimney is perfectly suited for the normal Indian kitchen that uses the two-burner gas stoves. The baffle filters and the auto cleaning feature are attractive enough. This is a wall-mounted ducting chimney. Hence, installation costs can jack up the effective price.

The 1200 cubic meter per hour suctioning power is enough to keep the kitchen free of smoke. The touch panels make it easy to operate while the LED lights cause sufficient illumination.


  • Auto-cleaning feature saves maintenance costs
  • High suctioning power keeps kitchen smelling as fresh as ever
  • Saves electricity
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty with a 5-year warranty on the motor


  • Installation charges are separate
  • PVC pipe requires frequent replacements

Verdict: This 60 cm wide chimney is the best chimney 2019 as far as Indian homes are concerned. They occupy less space than the 90 cm ones.

5. Prestige GKH 900 CM DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

(Stainless Steel 1000)

Possessing a width of 101 cm, this chimney can satisfy the largest of cooking ranges. The chimney has a comparatively high suction power of 1000 cubic meters per hour thereby making it suitable for larger kitchens. The digital display is easy to operate. The baffle filters are best suited for Indian kitchens.

The inbuilt halogen lights add to the illumination factor. This is a wall-mounted chimney that requires ducting. You get a 2-year warranty on the product.


  • Extra-large thereby compatible with all types of cooking ranges
  • Baffle filters of the highest quality
  • Prestige is a reputed name in Indian Kitchen space


  • This is a ducting variety and hence can run up high installation and maintenance costs

Verdict: On reviewing the kitchen chimney brands comparison, this chimney emerges as one of the best chimneys in India 2019.

6. Faber Hood Tender 3D T2S2 LTW 60 Kitchen Chimneys and Hoods

60 cm 1295 m3/h

Faber is an established name all over the world as far as kitchen appliances are concerned. The unique 3D Y2S2 Technology provides for a 3-way suction thereby ensuring the kitchen remains smoke-free.

You have a 3-layer Baffle filter that suits Indian kitchens the best. The 3-speed operation makes it a highly-efficient chimney in many ways. The push control buttons make operating the chimney very easy. Two 5-watt CFL bulbs make for decent illumination.


  • Faber Technology
  • 3-way suction is a unique one in the industry
  • Great filters that require less maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Highly-priced but attractive discounts are presently available

Verdict: The 60 cm width ensures that it caters to the smaller cooking ranges effectively. However, the higher suction power makes it a great buy.

7. Elica Kitchen Chimney (Escg Bf 60 Nero)

This small and best kitchen chimney under 10000 is available at Amazon. The glass and stainless steel body make it an attractive addition to the kitchen. Having a size of 60 cm, this chimney is best for the medium Indian kitchen.

The suction power is at a high level of 1100 cubic meters per hour. The push-button controls make it very easy to use. The baffle filters make it a very efficient chimney in all respects.


  • High suction power for a 60 cm chimney
  • Perfect for Indian kitchens
  • Saves electricity


  • Small chimney, hence inconvenient for large kitchens
  • Exhaust pipe and vent cap are not available in the package. One should buy them separately.

Verdict: In spite of being small, this is a powerful chimney by all means. It is perfect for the middle-class Indian kitchen.

8. GLEN Wall Mounted Chimney (Steel 1000)

6071 SS 60 1000 M3 BF-LTW

One of the most popular chimneys, you have attractive discounts waiting for you at Amazon. This is a ductless chimney. Hence, you have additional filters such as carbon filters. The primary baffle filter is of the highest quality. The stainless steel material ensures that it has a longer life.

The 60 cm kitchen chimney has a high suction power of 1000 cubic meters per hour. The wall-mounted chimney has an attractive curved glass that enhances the appearance. The product has a 1-year warranty. The 155 Watt motor comes with a 6-year additional warranty.


  • Ductless and hence very easy to install
  • High-quality carbon filters in addition to the baffle filters
  • Very powerful for a 60 cm chimney


  • Normal lamps instead of the CFL or LED

Verdict: The ductless chimney has some of the best features making it a very popular chimney across India.


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