No matter how many ways humans have tried to keep mosquito at bay through the use of various methods like mosquito coils, repellent liquids etc, still, they manage to sneak inside our houses and suck our blood.

There are more than 3000 species of mosquitoes in the world and only a few transmit disease, yet they are the biggest carrier of diseases than any other living things in on the earth. Mosquitoes are found in everywhere in the world. They require just water to breed, hence controlling their exponential growth is very difficult

So using a mosquito racket can kill them and give you instant results, reduce exposure to chemicals by use of Anti-mosquito repellents liquids, coils etc., Below you can see list of available such rackets available in India and we hope this will help to to make a better choice.

1. HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet – Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat

This product backs the guarantee from Godej Group, Hit Racket is intelligently designed to tackle corner areas


Strong and Durable ABS Plastic body

Unique shape designed cover corners effectively

400 mAh battery supports long usage cycles between recharges

Bright LED to kill mosquitoes even in dark

This product comes with 6 months warranty by registering within 10 days on their offical website

2. Viola Rocklight Heavy Duty Rechargeable Mosquito Racket Bat

This anti-mosquito racket is built with sturdy plastics. This powered by 1500 mAh battery for long-lasting life. One unique feature is that the battery is removable and can be swapped with a new one with least hassle.

Another useful feature is it has detachable charging micro USB cable, which means it can be recharged by Power cable or not necessary it has to hanged to a socket.

Builtin LED comes handy to kill mosquitoes hiding in dark or can be used as emergency torch

3. AKSHARA-VICTORY Powerful Mosquito Trap-Racquet 

This ISO certified by Racket is imported by “Askshara” and sold under the same brand in Indian market. These is made good quality virgin plastics and the built is sturdy.

Switch is made of good quality

It has an LED light which is useful in dark corners and also doubles up as emergency torchlight.

This heavy duty racket is very powerful to zap mosquitoes and other insects, bugs etc.,

4. SuperToy Rechargeable Mosquito Racket

This anti-mosquito racket is built with Virgin ABS plastics. This powered by a powerful battery for long-lasting life.

Another useful feature is it has detachable charging micro USB cable, which means it can be recharged by Power cable or not necessary it has to hanged to a socket.

One draw back is this racket does not have any LED light unlike most of the racket in the mentioned list\

5. Spartan Hunter Mosquito Resistant Bat

This MADE IN INDIA anti-mosquito racket by Balaji Electronics, Tamil Nadu has ISO rating and is made of very good quality ABS plastics and it is environmentally friendly and easy to use

This comes with a 600 mAh rechargeable battery with very good back up and manufacturer’s claims to the battery will last up to 500 charge/discharge cycles. The tactile button placement is very ergonomic and makes it kill mosquitoes

One drawback is this bat contact area is smaller than most of the other rackets and output voltage is slightly less

General Usage Guide:

  • Before using it for the first time, charge the Anti Mosquito Racquet for 3-4 hours.
  • Do not touch the mesh even if the device is turned off in order to avoid electric shocks as well as damage to the device.
  • Do not turn on the device while charging to avoid damage to the internal circuit.
  • Keep the device away from children. It should never be used as a toy.
  • The device must always be kept in a dry place.
  • Do not use the device in locations where there are flammable gases or liquids around.
  •  As most of the rackets comes will led torches, one can recharge the bats once the light goes dimmer which signals low battery levels
  • When charging always keep it in off mode otherwise the entire battery will get drain
  • Don’t over charge the mosquito bat battery unnecessary.
  • Don’t spark the mosquito bat net using metals for fun.


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