A spy camera or a hidden camera is a powerful security device that lets you capture videos and stills while the camera is hidden or disguised to appear like an every-day object.

Spy cameras or Nanny Cameras come in different shapes and sizes and can be incorporated into every-day objects such as pens, wristwatches, alarm clocks, smoke detectors, etc. These cameras are often used for security purposes such as recording any act of theft and to keep surveillance over kids or elderly people and their caretakers.

Spy cameras are also used in stores and restaurants and other populated areas to keep an eye over the crowd.

So, when it comes to choosing a spy camera, it is important to consider the type of hidden camera that you need, type of connection of the camera, its storage space, viewing options, power source, etc.

Best Spy Cameras in India

1. ProElite WL01 Wifi Enabled Clock with Hidden Camera 

This is a reliable and efficient spy clock that is equipped with a powerful spy camera.

This camera can record 280 x 720P high definition videos. It comes with two IR LEDs with invisible infrared light that offer Night Vision distance up to 8 meters.

It also supports audio recording up to 10 meters distance.

This spy clock is WiFi-enabled and it supports up to 64GB micro SD memory card.

It houses a 18650/2600mA lithium battery that gives up to 2 hours of recording time.


  • 280 x 720P video recording
  • WiFi Connection
  • Two-way audio
  • Support up to 64GB micro SD memory card
  • Night vision distance up to 8 meters


  • Short battery life

2. M MHB Wrist Watch Camera Hidden audio /video Recording 

This is a smart and functional wearable spy camera that comes in the form of a wristwatch.

This watch has the capacity to record decent quality video and audio clips and it comes with 4GB built-in memory for saving the recorded data.

This watch camera comes with a USB AUX cable that can be attached to a PC or laptop for seamless data transfer.

The camera is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac 9.22 OS.


  • Can record both video and audio clips
  • USB AUX cable for data transfer
  • 4 GB built-in memory
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS


  • Can’t support external SD card

3. M MHB HD Quality Button Camera Hidden Video & Audio Recording Button Camera

This is a highly functional button camera that captured high-quality video and audio clips and has great connectivity.

This spy camera has the capacity to record 640*480p resolution video and audio – clips.

It comes with a 16GB internal memory that saves the recorded data automatically to the device.

It houses a chargeable battery that gives decent power backup.


  • Can record both video and audio clips
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Easy charge using a computer or electricity


  • Poor video quality

4. M MHB Wifi Spy Ultra Mini Pin Hole Camera

This is a high-quality pinhole spy camera that comes with WiFi connectivity and great recording capacity.

This spy camera can record HD quality video clips with 1080p resolution. It comes with an inbuilt mic that can be sued for recording audio clips as well.

This spy camera uses a wireless router for its connectivity and it can be controlled using remote monitoring.

This camera can also be connected to a power source using a USB charger for long time use.

It houses a battery that provides 2 hours 30 minutes of backup on a single charge.


  • WiFi connectivity
  • Record HD quality video clips in 1080p resolution
  • Audio recording
  • 2+ hours of backup


  • No built-in memory

5. M MHB HD Quality Pen Camera Video/ Audio Hidden Recording

This is a reliable pen camera from M MHB that has the capacity to record HD videos and audio clips and comes with decent in-built memory.

The spy camera housed in this pen can record HD quality video and audio clips and save it automatically to the device memory.

It comes with 16GB in-built memory that can save a decent amount of data.

This pen camera houses a powerful battery that gives up to 1 hour backup on a single charge.


  • Records HD quality video and audio
  • 16GB in-built memory
  • Up to 1 hour recording time


  • The light at the back of the pen flashes during recording

6. Krish Spy 5 Hours Recording Spy Pen

This is a decent quality spy pen camera that supports 720p HD quality video and audio recording and has an easy one-button operation.

This spy camera comes with an SD card slot that can support 2GB to 32GB micro SD memory cards.

The camera has a simple one-button operation of easy video and audio recording.

It supports AVI video format that makes it easy to play in devices having Windows OS.

The camera has 72-degree view angle for a wide range viewing and recording.

This spy camera comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 5 hours of recording time on a single charge.


  • Records 720p HD quality video and audio
  • Simple single button operation
  • 72-degree viewing angle
  • Supports 2GB to 32GB SD card
  • Supports AVI video format
  • Gives up to 5 hours recording time


  • Poor audio recording quality

7. Blaupunkt BP2.0 Black Surveillance camera For Car

This is a high-end surveillance camera from Blaupunkt that is mainly used for surveillance and security of vehicles and monitoring rash drivers.

This spy camera can record HD videos clips in 1080p resolution.

This camera can be activated using the motion detection option when it is placed away from the vehicle.

It records videos in AVI format which makes it compatible for almost all operating systems.

It features an SD card slot that is compatible with 2GB to 32GB sized memory cards.


  • Can record HD 1080p video clips
  • Can be activated using motion detection
  • Records videos in AVI format
  • Supports 2GB to 32GB memory cards


  • No night vision
  • Only 2 minutes recording loop

How to Choose a Spy Camera?

1. Types of Spy Cameras

Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes and you should choose one that perfectly serves your purpose.

2. Nanny Cameras

This is the most popular type of spy camera that is used for monitoring a caretaker or nanny. Most nanny cameras come in the wired form.

  • Spy Clocks – A digital clock is a perfect place to install a hidden camera. Most spy clocks feature a wireless camera that can be turned on using or wireless remote control or through motion detection.
  • Smoke Detector Camera – This is yet another popular type of spy camera that also works as a smoke detector. Smoke detector cameras have either wireless or WiFi connection. It is used mainly for security purposes.
  • Pen Camera – A wireless spy camera can also be installed in a pen and used for safety purposes in the office. This type of camera can take both videos and still pictures.
  • Wearable Hidden Camera – Wearable hidden cameras can be attached to different objects such as a wristwatch, sunglasses, tie pins, etc. This type of camera is mainly used to keep close surveillance on any particular individual.
  • Standalone Hidden Camera – Standalone hidden camera are not disguised to look like other objects. They need to be camouflaged with other objects by the user.

3. Type of Connection

This is an important feature to consider while choosing a hidden camera.

  • Wired – This is a by far the most reliable type of hidden camera that is connected to the recording device using a wire. Because of the hardwired connection, there is no chance of any data or signal loss but it is more easily identifiable compared to wireless cameras.
  • Wireless – This is the most popular type of hidden camera which is easier to hide because of its compact size and lack of wires. Wireless cameras come with a set of receiver and transmitter that can be attached to other objects. But this type of camera is less reliable than wired varieties because of a wireless signal.
  • IP Camera – This is a special type of hidden camera that is designed to work as a wireless camera but it can transmit the data through wireless encryption one when plugged into a computer.
  • 4G Wireless – This is the most technologically advanced hidden camera that runs on the wireless 4G technology. But the only drawback is that is will work only in locations that have 4G coverage.

4. Resolution

The resolution of the camera you choose determines the picture and video quality offered by the spy camera. A camera it better resolution will produce sharper and clearer images and videos with accurate colour. The resolution of spy cameras is categorized as High Quality, High Resolution and High Definition (HD).

5. Storage Space

The storage space of the camera determines the number of videos and still images it can store in its memory. Most quality hidden cameras come with an SD card or inbuilt memory where it stores the data. The amount of data that can be stored at a time varies from device to device, but most spy cameras are compatible with memory cards ranging from 2GB to 64GB.

6. Activation

While most hidden cameras can be activated and controlled using a wireless remote control, some high-end cameras also come with motion activation and heat activation feature that triggers the cameras as soon as it senses any motion or considerable change in temperature.

The ProElite WL01 Wifi Enabled Clock With Hidden Camera is our top pick from the list of best spy cameras in India because of its functionality, great connectivity and decent image quality. This spy clock houses a powerful hidden camera that can take 280x720p high definition videos. It also supports audio recording up to 10 meters distance. The camera comes with night vision so it can record video clips even in the dark up to 8 meters distance. The spy clock makes use of wireless WiFi connectivity. It houses a micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to 64 GB memory card. It is equipped with a rechargeable 2600mA lithium battery that gives up to 2 hours of recording time on a single charge.


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