Best Washing Machine in India 2020

We shall list out the top models of washing machines in India for your reference based on quality and popularity. We shall discuss the features of these models later on in this article.

Buying the best washing machine can be stressful because there are so many models from different brands. You can’t choose just any, because a washing machine is a long term and costly investment decision which you can’t change every year.

So after researching and analyzing more than 10 fully automatic top loading washing machines, we have made this list of 5 Top Load Washing Machine in India for your online purchase. After reading this article you will be able to decide for yourself the best top load washing machine for you.

As we mentioned in our best washing machine buying guide there are basically three types of washing machines:

  • Front Load Washing Machine (Fully Automatic).
  • Top Load Semi-Automatic Machine
  • Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

These washing machines either use agitator systems or impeller systems, similar to semi-automatic machines. Top load machines may also be of the pulsator wash type.

1. Bosch 7 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WAK24168IN

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Bosch is the world leader in manufacturing washing machines, especially the front-loading types. Bosch manufactures some of the most efficient washing machines that come with various exciting features.

  • 7 Kg Capacity – Ideal for the average Indian family
  • Fully-automatic front-loading type
  • Speed of 1200 RPM
  • Unique features like Variodrum, foam detection, LED display
  • Two years warranty on the product
  • Ten years warranty on motor

The latest washing machines from Bosch have features that ensure no damage to your clothes. German engineering is in full display in these Bosch washing machines.

Besides excellent performance, these machines save a lot of water. The Active Water technology comes with multiple load sensing levels, whereby it adjusts the water level according to the laundry load and nature of fabrics.

One of the advantages of Bosch washing machines is that you come with an innovative ‘anti-vibration‘ design to ensure more excellent stability.

This washing machine can work at low water pressure up to 0.3 bars. Hence, it is ideal for Indian families residing in high-rise buildings where the water pressure can be low. The Variodrum feature ensures even distribution of water and detergent throughout the wash. It is gentle on your clothes and tough on the stains.

The best aspect of this machine is that it operates at low decibel levels up to 49 decibels. The reload function allows you to open the washing machine door during the cycle to add or remove clothes if necessary.

The drum size is the largest in its segment. It has a unique drum clean feature that removes toxic residues and keeps the drum clean and disinfected. The water filter feature ensures that your washing machine gets pure water to work-on. Hence, there is no danger of limescale formation.

Other features include Child lock, Volt check feature that deals with voltage fluctuations and also takes care of interruptions in power by resuming your washing cycles from where it stopped during the power cut.


  • German engineering ensures the best performance
  • Saves water, time, and energy
  • Excellent safety features


  • Installing the machine takes time

2. LG 6 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FH0FANDNL02

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LG is one of the best manufacturers of washing machines in India, as they understand the psyche of the Indian homemaker. It explains why LG products are popular in India. This washing machine comes with some of the best features.

  • A capacity of 6 Kg suitable for bachelors and couples
  • Fully automatic front loading washing machine
  • The spin speed of 1000 rpm
  • Excellent features like 6-motion DD, less noise and vibrations
  • Two years warranty on the product
  • Ten years warranty

One of the most significant advantages of this washing machine is that it provides your clothes with a hot water wash facility. The 6-motion control Direct Drive technology moves the washing drum in multiple directions, thereby ensuring that your clothes get the proper care it deserves.

 Inverter Direct Drive technology does not involve the use of a belt and pulley. It attaches the motor directly to the drum, thereby reducing the noise and vibration. It comes with different types of washes such as steam wash to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, and pollen allergen from your clothes.

It also comes with a unique heater washing facility that allows you to increase the temperature to 60 degrees Centigrade to remove the most stubborn stains.

The stainless steel drum is ideal because of its durability. It does not rust. Secondly, it will not harbour bacteria, germs, and viruses that plastic drums usually do. This machine comes with excellent controlling features like a waterproof touch panel, an auto-restart option to start the wash cycle from where it stopped, and child lock features to discourage your children from tampering with its controls.

The Smart Diagnosis feature saves a lot of time and money as it helps you by diagnosing the faults in the functioning. You can connect it to the SmartThinQ NFC app to monitor the machine. This feature can diagnose up to 86 errors.

The SmartThinQ app allows you to download customized washing cycles for different types of clothes.


  • Silent motor
  • Excellent washing quality
  • Suitable for delicate and heavy clothes


  • No spin only option
  • Non-availability of rat mat

3. IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Senator Aqua SX

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IFB is one of the top appliance manufacturers in India, which is also into washing machines. This machine comes with a lot of unique features which makes it powerful to clean dirtiest of cloths

  • With a capacity of 8 kg, it can take a large load at a time
  • The high spin speed of 1400 rpm for excellent performance
  • Good Washing Options for different kind of cloths
  • Energy-efficient and saves water

This front-loading washing machine comes with a unique Cradle Wash system that ensures gentle care while washing silk, satins, chiffons, laces, etc. The Air Bubble Wash System creates and releases agitated air bubbles to tickle and tease stubborn dirt out. These air bubbles penetrate the layers of the cloth and get clothes cleaned thoroughly.

The innovative 3D wash system uses nozzles to circulate the water 360 degrees around the drum. It is thus creating a dynamic water system such that the detergent dissolves into the water and penetrates the clothes properly and gives the best results.

The Aqua Energie system converts hard water into soft water, thereby making the detergent to dissolve quickly and give the clothes required soft wash 

This washing machine features a crescent moon drum that creates a gentle water cushion that prevents cloths from getting damaged by the rubbing action against the steel drum.

The creatively designed float valve lets the water out while not allowing detergent to drain, this system ensures the least wastage and enhances the wash


The Laundry Add feature allows you to add clothes in the middle of the washing cycle by the touch of a button. With Auto balance system the unbalanced clothes are automatically detected and redistributed for balanced and stable wash

The large and bright Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) allows choosing washing programs quickly. The Time Delay feature enables soaking clothes for periods ranging from a half-hour to whole day 


  • High spin rpm that ensures drier clothes
  • Timer option for programmable washing
  • Cradle Wash system ideal for washing blankets


  • A lot of Vibrations during the spin cycle

4. Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WW65M206LOW/TL

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Samsung washing machines are also among the most popular washing machines in India. The trend today has changed with the Indian homemakers preferring front-loading machines to the top-loading ones. Hence, you have Samsung manufacturing these versions as well.

  • A capacity of 6.5 Kg that makes it ideal for the average Indian family
  • The spin speed of 1000 rpm
  • Fully automatic front loading machine
  • Excellent features like a diamond drum, touch panel, chrome door
  • Three years warranty on the product

Samsung washing machines are ideal for Indian homes because they come with features that suit Indian conditions. Power fluctuations are frequent in India. These washing machines come with Samsung’s Volt Control feature that protects the appliance from damage even if the voltage fluctuations go up to 25%.

Another exciting feature of these machines is that they come with ceramic heaters. These heaters not only save energy but also prevent the build-up of calcium salts. Therefore, it is a cost-effective appliance.

The Samsung washing machines come with Diamond Drum features where the drum has diamond-shaped depressions with tiny holes. This arrangement protects your clothes from being trapped into the device, thereby ensuring that it offers the gentlest washing experience to your expensive wardrobe. At the same time, this machine is tough on stains.

The Quick Wash functionality saves you a lot of time, whereby you can set the timing to wash your lightly soiled clothes in the quickest time possible.

The Silver Wash feature is an advantage, as it eliminates all bacteria and germs. This feature is useful in the monsoon season because the humidity in the air provides the ideal breeding ground for viruses in the wet areas of the machine.


  • Ideal for the average Indian family
  • Excellent colours with a beautiful program selector knob
  • Saves water and energy


  • This washing machine is a heavy one.
  • It needs perfect balancing to prevent any vibration.

4. LG 7.0 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing machine – T8081NEDLJ

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LG produces some of the best top-loading fully automatic machines in the country. These machines have features that suit Indian washing conditions.

  • A capacity of 7 Kg
  • Fully-automatic top-loading machines
  • Smart Inverter technology
  • 3-start motion and Turbodrum
  • Two years warranty on the product
  • Ten years warranty on the motor

LG washing machines come with the sturdiest engines in the industry. The BMC Motor Protection feature ensures that it keeps the motor free from dust, humidity, and insects. It comes with smart inverter technology whereby the engine vibrates less and therefore makes less noise.

The Turbo drum feature makes the drum rotate in a direction opposite to that of the pulsator. Hence, it enables the machine to take care of the toughest dirt, thereby delivering a formidable washing performance.

The Punch+ 3 functionality creates streams of water in the vertical direction that makes the clothes go up and down to ensure an even washing experience.

Other features include Child Lock, Auto-restart, Smart Closing door, Smart Diagnosis, and stainless steel drum that ensures long life, the Tub Clean feature to sterilize the inner and outer tub.


  • Ideal for Indian households
  • Inverter technology decreases vibrations and saves energy
  • Excellent washing performance


  • Does not have a hot water washing feature

5. LG 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top-Loading Washing machine – T7581NDDLG

5. LG 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top-Loading Washing machine – T7581NDDLG

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This LG 6.5 Kg top-loading washing machine has similar features to the one described above except for the capacity. The device is ideal for small families comprising of three to four members.

  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6.5 Kg
  • The spin speed of 700 rpm
  • Smart Inverter technology
  • Two years warranty on motor
  • Ten years warranty on motor

LG machines make less noise as compared to others because of inverter technology. They come with top-end safety features.

Corrosion is the biggest enemy of electric motors. This washing machine’s motor comes with BMC Motor Protection to protect against corrosion. It also leaves no chance for dust, insects, and humidity.

The most significant advantage of this washing machine is that it comes with a powerful drum. The Turbo drum technology ensures the most potent wash as the drum rotates in a direction opposite to the pulsator. The Punch+ 3 technology pushes the water in the vertical direction to even out the washing process.

The highlight of the LG machines is that you can use the mobile app SmartThinQ to control the machine. This app helps in the diagnosis of approximately 86 errors. These machines come with a smart door that closes gradually to prevent any injuries.

Other features of this LG Top load Washing machine include Stainless steel drum, Tub Clean feature, and Child Lock.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy to handle and troubleshoot
  • Variety of washing options
  • Excellent door design


  • Hot water washing facility not available

6. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – TL-RDW 6.5 Kg Aqua

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IFB is a leading international manufacturer of washing machines. This company specializes in the production of front-loading machines. However, they also manufacture top-loading machines, especially for the Indian market.

  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6.5 Kg
  • The spin speed of 720 rpm
  • Eight water levels
  • LED display
  • Four years warranty on product and motor

This IFB machine comes with eight wash programs that make the process convenient and easier for the user.

The Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine provides a magical cleaning experience as it goes gentle on your clothes while being tough on stains. The Triadic Pulsator has soft scrub pads to remove stubborn dirt.

The mechanical centre punch action ensures to remove dirt from the clothes while the powerful swirl jets enable the water to dislodge dirt from every part of the fabric.

The Aqua Spa therapy hydrates, exfoliates, cleanses, and rejuvenates your clothes and washes them with the highest care. The Aqua Energie feature energizes the water to deliver a softer wash. The 3D wash system is ideal for your laundry as it provides an excellent soaking atmosphere.

It comes with an exclusive bleach dispenses to enable dispensing of liquid bleach. The auto softener dispenser helps you to add a water softener to your clothes to ensure a better washing experience. The Aqua Conserve facility reuses the last rinse water for soaking clothes, thereby preventing wastage of water.

The washing drum has crescent moon grooves on the surface to create a gentle water cushion to prevent damage to your fabrics. It has a specific Auto Balance System to detect and redistribute unbalanced clothes to maintain consistency in the washing cycle.

As voltage fluctuations are frequent in India, the IFB machine has a system whereby it pauses in case of high voltage fluctuations and resumes working on the stabilization of voltage. The Bubble Leveller helps balance the machine on your floor to reduce vibrations, thereby increasing the life of your machine.


  • Excellent international features
  • Saves water and energy
  • Excellent washing experience
  • Suited for Indian conditions


  • Issues with after-sales service
  • No hot water washing facility

7. Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine – WA62M4100HY/TL

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Trust Samsung to come up with innovative designs for its top-loading washing machines. This machine is ideal for small families of three persons or bachelors/spinsters who wash twice a week.

  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • The capacity of 6.2 Kg
  • Six washing cycles
  • Features like Air Turbo, Auto Restart, Magic Filter
  • Two years warranty on the product

Samsung machines come with a unique feature on their washing drums. The diamond-shaped ridges with tiny holes not only protect the fabrics but also ensure an even washing experience. As it prevents the trapping of the fibres, it ensures the safety of your clothes.

The washing machine comes with a tempered glass window to enable you to oversee the washing process. At the same time, the glass is strong enough to withstand heavy loads.

This machine has a powerful filtering action to trap the fluff and lint from your fabrics so that your laundry emerges clean out of the machine. It also ensures there is no clogging of the drains. Cleaning the filter is easy, as you can quickly detach it and wash it separately.

The waterfall feature provides an excellent flow of water that allows easy distribution of detergent and enables effective rinsing. This Samsung washing machine comes with a unique Eco Tub Clean facility to keep your appliance fresh without the use of harsh chemicals. It also comes with a system that notifies you when it needs cleaning.


  • Ideal for Indian conditions
  • Lint filtering feature
  • Maintains a high level of hygiene


  • Not suitable for large families
  • No hot water washing facility

8. LG 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – P7550R3FA

Fully automatic washing machines require a lot of water. They need a continuous supply of water to work as well. Not all areas in India have this luxury. Under such circumstances, the semi-automatic washing machines come handy. LG taps into this segment by manufacturing some of the best semi-automatic washing machines in India.

  • Semi-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6.5 Kg to cater to the average Indian family
  • The spin speed of 1300 rpm
  • Three wash programs
  • Two years warranty on the product

LG is a reputed manufacturer of semi-automatic washing machines in India. You get excellent features in these appliances as well.

The Roller Jet Pulsator ensures a faster rotation, and thus a great washing experience. This washing machine offers you three different wash programs depending on the fabrics you use.

The washing machines come with a 3mm plastic cover with rat repellent whereby you protect the device from rodents. The spin shower feature washes off all soap residues from your clothes during the spin cycle. The unique Air Dry feature hastens the drying process by nearly 40%.

The machine comes with unique features like the collar scrubber to enable you to remove the stubborn dirt from the collars and save valuable time. The lint collector ensures that the fibres from your clothes do not stick to your machine parts.


  • Ideal for places having water supply issues
  • Excellent performance
  • Air dryer speeds up the drying performance


  • Increases human labour as compared to fully automatic machines

9. Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine SUPERB ATOM 7.0

Whirlpool is one of the favourites of people when it comes to buying washing machines in India. The semi-automatic washing machines are the best Whirlpool products as they come with excellent features at the most affordable prices.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • A capacity of 7 Kg
  • The high spin speed of 1450 rpm
  • Three wash programs
  • Two years warranty on machine and motor

Whirlpool comes with attractive features like a waterproof and shockproof panel, a hassle-free scrubber, and a powerful 340W motor.

The highlight of this semi-automatic washing machine is the 66-litre capacity tub, the largest in its segment. As it holds the maximum amount of water, the clothes move freely to ensure easy removal of dirt.

The multi-utility tray serves various purposes like placing your detergent powders, sort clothes and carry them as well. This tray comes with a special vent that allows the water from the dish to flow into the washing tub.

This machine works on the super soak technology, whereby it constantly soaks and scrubs for 25 minutes to remove the most stubborn stains. The tub contains an in-built scrubber to give you a perfect wash every time. The lint collector collects the lint and loose fabric from your clothes to deliver a fresh and clean wash every time.

This Whirlpool appliance comes with a built-in memory that saves power. It allows the machine to restart from where it stopped during a power failure.


  • Saves Water, and energy
  • No need for any installation
  • Noiseless operation


  • Does not cut off the water supply automatically
  • More labour involves as compared to fully automatic machines

Best Washing machine brands in India 2020

Before diving into the buying guide, we shall list out some of the top washing machine brands available in the Indian market today.

Bosch: This German Giant known for well-engineered products has both top loading and front loading automatic models on sale in India. These machines are known for their robust and straightforward design for effective washing; they have technologies like Eco silence drive motor, anti-vibration design, duotronic dryer, hard water filters, etc. But the expensive spare parts and small service network has limited its market penetration

LG: Life’s is good when you bring home an LG appliance. LG utilizes many advanced technologies to provide you better washing — from smart inverter technologies to turbo drums to attributes like 6-motion management technologies, auto restart, child-lock, different wash cycles, etc., 

Samsung: Samsung washing machines come with Innovative technologies like AI, Eco drums, diamond drum, Eco bubble, Wobble technology, gentle fabric care, etc. to make washing activity quick and easy. They offer a varied range of machines depending on the budget and required features and are durable and need minimal maintenance.

IFB: One of the leading brands in India for feature-rich washing machines. They have innovative technologies like cradle wash for gentle clothes, ball valve technology to reduce detergent wastage, air bubble wash, 3D wash for effective cleaning, and Aqua Energie to turn hard water to soft water. 

Above is only a small list of famous brands, there are many other brands such as Whirlpool, Godrej, Onida, BPL that has a unique offering in their own right and each brand has set of customers who are very loyal to them

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Before you shortlist a washing machine, we recommend you to understand various terminologies and their applications as listed below so you can make an informed decision

Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic Washing Machines

In the semi-automatic machines will have a separate tub for washing and for spinning to dry cloths. Once the laundry finished, you have to transfer the clothes manually to the spin tub. Thus, semi-automatic machines will have two tubs. Otherwise, the mechanisms are similar.

Automatic Washing Machines will have only one tub. That means there is no manual intervention required as there is no need to shift clothes from the washing tub to drier. Automatic 

The fully automatic machine will take care of all the activities of washing, spinning, and drying.

Front-Load vs. Top-Load Machines

As the name says in Front-load machine will have a door in front, and the top-load machine will have a door in the top to load and unload laundry.

The front-loading machines are fully automatic whereas in Top load we have the option of semi Automatic and Fully Automatic

Which one should I buy?

Both machines have advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of cleaning front load performs better because the cloths are soaked completely (especially if the machine is overloaded), each fabric will fall on another and create hand like washing effect, and it is better technology over top load They have higher spinner speed (generally one third higher than the top load) and dries clothes better and quicker. One of the drawbacks is the growth of mould on the lid of front-load machines as it designed to be airtight and requires regular maintenance

For the certain restricted spaces, say limited height below the staircase, low shelf, etc., Front-load can be your only option 

 In Top load, it is easy to load and remove laundry compared to front-load (will be helpful for people with knee problems). Price-wise these are cheaper than front load. 

We can add missed cloths in mid of washing cycle whereas it is not possible in front load

However top load machines are inefficient, they consume more water as well as electricity 

If you ask ten homeowners regarding this regard, you will get different opinions. Front-load machines are good buys, and you may have heard some users say the front load is troublesome. That was true back in the days when front load machines where launched, now these machines have come far away from those problems and the sentiment is still prevalent with buyers and is one of reason Top load machines have a more significant market share

While the best washing machines might have so much working for them, buying a washing machine goes beyond looking at what you can get, but what fits your need. Below are some of the things you want to remember before you swipe your payment card:

What does 6 kg, 7 kg, 7.5 kg 8 kg mean?

It is obviously not the weight of the machine, but the weight of the dry cloths (remember its dry cloths) that the machine can efficiently clean. So you can weigh your clothes to determine the size or refer below table for an average of cloths

1 kg = 5 T-shirts = 1 Jeans = 3 Shirts

So selecting the smaller size, you may end running multiple washing cycles or selecting bigger than required will wastage water and electricity along paying the high upfront cost and bigger space requirement.



Modern Washing Machine features

We will see the different technologies and associated terminologies with them

Smart Inverter Technology

This technology today found in many large appliances which varies the speed of the machine based on the load conditions and hence saves energy

These machines take input from sensors in the washtub and vary the speed based on that

In convectional type, your machine has a motor that runs at fixed speed irrespective of load and hence less efficient. 

What is direct drive Technology

 In this system the electric motor is directly coupled to washing drum whereas in conventional machines will be having gear, belt arrangement to drive washing drum and reducing inefficiencies caused by friction between those mechanisms and resulting in quieter operations

LG has introduced the six motion direct drive technology in their higher-end models that have motion types, namely, Tumble, Stepping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, and Filtration. 

Flexwash / TwinWash

Samsung has introduced the FlexWash option whereby you have the flexibility of using both the designs in a single machine. The main front loader machine will have a bigger capacity to handle all the big loads and a smaller capacity top load for cloths for gentle cloths.

This enables you to wash the heavy laundry items like bedsheets, blankets, and curtains as well as the delicate items like handkerchiefs, socks, and lingerie together in two different modes.

LG has also has introduced a similar system called TwinWash facility that has two individual drums in its new range of machines.


Built-in Water heaters

Hot water can on toughest stains and brands like Samsung and LG are offering inbuilt heater in their select models

The front-load machines made by Samsung come with ceramic heating systems that will prevent the accumulation of calcium salts; these heating units are very fast and also reliable in reducing the electrical power usage.

Fuzzy logic

Fuzzy logic will automatically select the best washing conditions such as washing time, the quantity of water, and detergent based on the laundry load. 

Quick wash

Quick wash as the name says finishes the wash cycle quicker than regular wash cycle depending upon the no of clothes. It’s a useful function when you are in a hurry to go somewhere or just wish to clean clothing as early as possible.

Delay Start

This function is to soak clothes for a pre-determined time before wash, instead of manually stopping the machine are restarting at a later time, it fills up the needed amount of water and detergent and waits till preset time to start the wash cycle

The material of Construction– The washtub is made of stainless steel, porcelain enamel, or plastic. The stainless steel tubs are the best as they last long

Final thoughts

Washing machines are no longer luxury home appliances. They have become an essential part of any home today.

This explains why individuals go to great lengths to comprehend the modern technologies used in these machines. This article can help you a lot in this regard.

If you still have any queries regarding washing machine selection, please post them in the comments section below, and we will try to answer them.


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