This is the reality that without drinking water we can’t live and this is the reason why water is called Life. In order to live a healthy life, we must drink pure water which is free from all the harmful impurities. We all are very much aware of the fact that technology is upgrading day by day. When it comes to water purification, RO water purification technology is the latest technology of water purification. Therefore, RO water purifier has become an essential appliance in every home to drink pure water.

Knowing the importance of water purification, it is also noteworthy to comprehend the need from RO water purifier maintenance. RO water purifier is low maintenance investments. If you buy the best water purifier for home then it’s the best choice you make in calibrating maintenance demands. If you maintain RO water system properly, As a result, you receive the best performance out of it that last longer. Without proper maintenance, the RO water purifier will not work properly.

The key reason behind that is, the RO water purifier consists of filters that filter out impurities. The impurities are collected on the surface of the filters that needs to cleaned and replaced time to time to get purified water.

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Change filters on a regular basis

In Every RO water purifier, all the filters should be replaced on a regular basis. However, many people think buying water purifier of high quality does not need regular maintenance, but that is not true. Even high-quality water filters also need proper maintenance to work properly with its full efficiency. When you buy a water purifier, it also comes with a manual that describes the full functioning of the water purifier. Check the different stages of the water purification that the water purifier has. Also, check the time interval for changing the filters. The filters that need to change in an RO water purifier are mentioned here:

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters are pre-filters that are designed to remove contaminants like dirt, sand, sediments, slits from the drinking water. Moreover, this filter is intended to secure the RO membrane which is very sensitive and easily get influenced by the dirt. Sediment filters require replacement after 6-9 months. If the sediment filter is not replaced on a regular basis, then the dirt can reach the RO membrane and the membrane can become foul and chocked.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are used to remove chlorine and other toxic contaminants that affect the taste and odour of the drinking water and also the life of the RO membrane. Sometimes you noticed that there are different taste and smell in the water. This is due to the presence of a large amount of chlorine and other harmful impurities in it. Even you are using a water purifier and you don’t change the carbon filters for so long, the purification process of this carbon filter will be affected. Therefore, you should replace carbon filters once a year.

RO Membrane

RO membrane is a semi-permeable membrane used to remove all the impurities that are removed from the above filters. As this is an essential component in the RO filtration process, it’s imperative to focus on the filtration nature of your pre-filters and replace them on a regular basis. If the above filters are replaced on time then the RO membrane can function properly for 2-3 years. After this time you need to change the RO membrane. However, this schedule may vary according to the quality of the water and usage of household water.

Post Filters

This is the last stage of purification in an RO water Purifier. If any polluting influence may leave after the above filtration process then this post-filter is used to remove the remaining scarcest measure of contaminations from the drinking water. Any kind of remaining taste and odour is removed by this filter. The post-filter should be changed after 6-9 months.

What if you forget to replace the filters?

If you don’t replace the filters on time then the quality of purification and performance of purifier will be affected. You may notice the change in the taste and odour in the drinking water. Also, you will see water production is decreasing day by day. The decreased water production is the strong indicator that the RO water purifier maintenance is required.

This is the undeniable truth that we cannot survive on this planet without drinking water. Moreover, we may confront extreme wellbeing issues and may experience severe water-related health issues if we don’t pure water. Therefore, RO water purifier is the fundamental need of every home to get purified water and stay healthy. If we don’t pay proper attention to the maintenance of RO water purifier then it will not be able to give purified water. Hence, RO water purifier maintenance is very significant so that it performs effectively for a long time.


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