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Manipur MLA Rajkumar Imo sets a trend in electoral politics Imphal. What are the social and economic aspirations of every member of a society? What is it that every right thinking member of a free society expects from their trusted representatives...
Polling in ADC elections
Imphal Staff Writer 147
Centre ready to implement Status for hill areas of Manipur Imphal. The Union government has notified Manipur state government to furnish details of specific areas to be included under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. The much debated...
Imphal Paojel Chaoba 42
For Imphalites, it was a rare privilege to be able to listen to the soul searching music exuded by the 14 artists of the world renowned ‘Gracias Choir’. The choir group from Korea arrived in Manipur as part of the International Youth...
Corporate People
Imphal Rita Krocha 1,380
Manipur, which has undoubtedly produced extraordinary talent in sports, can also take pride in these young people, who have taken their careers to new heights in the corporate world. Here is a list of 9 people from Manipur, who are thriving and hold...
Imphal Shweta Tripathi 27,915
Manipur “The Jewelled Land” is one of the seven sisters’ states of north eastern India.  The state is blessed with scenic beauty of hills and valleys and also with the heritage of handloom and weaving.  The traditional...
The woes of a common man are never ending. The common man waits, the common man begs, the common man pays, whatever it takes for them to ensure that the ones in power are not offended by them. We have been following the norm of being helpless for...
Imphal Moumita Karmakar 1,870
It may come to you as a surprise but it is true that Manipur, one of the beautiful states of the North-eastern India too have its own array of sweet dishes which are easy to make and are mouth-watering at the same time. Manipuri dishes are usually...


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