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10 Tips to be Followed During Holi

Mar 01, 2018 18:35
New Delhi

Faces smeared with colours and drinking glasses of bhang one after another soaring spirits to the peak are what everybody gets during Holi festival. But post Holi, we discover ourselves with acne, rashes and wiry hair. Jana Bhattacharya, a beautician based in Tripura who has been practicing aromatherapy, firmly believes in the power of natural remedies compared to chemical based creams for long-term effects on skin and hair. Here, she shares her few tips to be followed before and after playing Holi.

1. Oiling your hair:

First you have to massage your hair with coconut oil to form a protective layer that prevents colour to settle into the hair.

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2. Rub moisturizer/ sun screen lotion on face and bare parts of body:

The moisturizer helps to form an outer layer to protect the skin when colour comes in contact with the skin.

3. Wearing kajal on eyes:

Home-made kajal is proven beneficial to keep eyes healthy. Wearing kajal on eyes avoids entry of colors into eyes.

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4. Tie your hair in a neat bun:

Never let your open while playing hair. Tie your hair in a neat bun for minimum exposure to colours.

5. Apply lip balm or lipstick on lips:

Lipstick acts as a shield to outer damage might caused due to colours.

6. Apply nail polish:

Apply nail polish to keep your nails free from damage if comes into contact with colours.

7. Close your eyelids or cover your eyes with palms when someone spreads colours on your eyes:

This helps the colour from entering your eyes causing any damage to eyes.

8. Clean face after Holi:

After playing Holi, clean your face with curd mixed with honey as home-made remedy. If possible, rub a mixture of masoor dal with any fruit.

9. Shampoo with home-based conditioner:

Applying shampoo after rinsing the hair with plenty of water. Later, use conditioner made of tea leaves all over the hair. For better results, apply a paste made up of curd with either banana or papaya on hair.

10. Splashing water on eyes:

Frequent splashes of water on eyes even after you follow the previous precaution. This will help colour substances entered into your eyes go off easily without causing any eye infection.

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Mar 01, 2018 18:35
New Delhi

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