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Building Brand Awareness for Startups

May 28, 2018 18:33
New Delhi

Brand awareness is the main key factor in consumer behavior, advertising management, brand management and strategy development. To recall your brand depends upon the number of factors i.e. pre-sales to post sales and the main goal is to track purchase decision-making. Awareness does not mean that consumer is going to recall your brand name but due to features in product or service, WOM or customer support is going to hit consumer mind to take next decision. The process of conversion or sale is due to brand awareness or a positive brand attitude.

Recall Your Brand Awareness

In online marketing, to recall your brand should be done via different ways. Remarketing or retargeting is the best way to recall about your services who visited your website or another way to target for existing customers using Gmail id or phone number to recall about your services via Google AdWords or Facebook Campaign.

Why Your Brand

Recall your brand would be done via different ways such as uniqueness of ad, WOM, email marketing, seasonal offers. The main question to recall your brand - "Why Your Brand". If you know this question answer, good for your business and easy to compete with your competitors not in locale but in the global market.

What do you mean by the word "Need"? In brand awareness, you are searching for consumer and trying to change his or her need to requirement and next step would be to order product or service.

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Mass Customization is the way to enhance your product or service features as per consumer need or customer feedback. Mass customization for your products or services would be same as you heard about A/B testing. Consumer feedback related to products or customize your own products as per your need or questionnaire about consumer need. Trying to develop a product or service as per demand not as per your will is going to work in this competitive era.

In online marketing i.e., virtual marketing using the different mode of promotions to reach consumer but hierarchy model would be as

Brand Awareness >> Need >> Requirement >> Purchase Intent >> Fulfillment (Delivered) >> Conversion or Sale >> Customer Feedback

Brand awareness is the way to reach your consumer but to retain consumer and search for the new customer in this competitive era is not too easy. Brands in the market like Levi Strauss in 1994, customized jeans for women (mass customization) and delivered to the consumer as per need as well as sales increased.

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For startups, brand awareness is the key factor for next goal or roadmap and to hit your target, need talent as per your products or services. Right talent in your team, right guidance by management, analysis by experts and success is the next door waiting for you.

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May 28, 2018 18:33
New Delhi

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