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9 places outside Nagaland where you get amazing Naga cuisines

Oct 29, 2016 19:55
New Delhi
Naga cuisines

Akhuni and Anishi curries, Pork Naga Curry, Pork fry, Chicken boiled with vegetables and the King Chilli chutney.

Built and decorated with a lot of wood and bamboo works to compliment the Northeastern feel, the walls are lined with glimpses of Naga culture, in the form of war hats, machete, Naga paintings, etc. Anyone out on the hunt for Naga cuisine must try the pork curry thali with bamboo shoot and the axoni (Akhuni) and anishi curries for an exotic Naga dish.

The Naga Chef is a good place to go to with family and friends.

Naga Chef, Bangalore



The Morung is known for the food they serve. While it is a clean and simple looking restaurant, the food does all the talking. From chilly smoked pork to pork with axone(Akhuni) and various authentic Naga thalis, this restaurant has gained a name for its finger-licking and tummy-filling food at a reasonable price.



A small charming non fussy place, bright and cheery with checked table cloths, attractive pictures on the walls and the appealing vibe of a true family-run establishment welcomed by friendly owners, Richard Graham, a chef and international food consultant along his wife Chubala.

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The menu focuses on Naga and Goan specials, a real treat for meat lovers. Chubalas offer Naga thalis that come with veggies, dals and a choice of pork or chicken. Must try the smoked pork meat with dried bamboo shoot and pork with pickled bamboo shoot, pork trotter soup, Chubala’s special momo and homemade bebinca. Also, Graham’s Goan recipes are not to be missed either like the sausage pulao, prawn balchow with steamed rice and a simple mixed salad and pork vindaloo or sorpotel with a heady kick of chillies and vinegar served up with warm bread. Anyone in the mood for an offbeat cuisine in Bangalore should head straight to Chubalas Curry and Rice. (Should also try the pancakes with guava marmalade.)

Chubalas Curry and Rice, Chennai

4) NAGA REJU(CHENNAI)Naga Reju                                                                                                                           

Bright red walls show casing pictures of Nagaland and its beauty, comfortable seating space and a nice and decent environment, the Naga Reju is a ‘wallet-safe’ restaurant with excellent service and friendly employees. Their NKC (Naga King Chilly) dishes are worth the try along with the fruit beer which is subtle and tempting. They also serve pork, chicken and beef with bamboo shoot and momo which is a must try. All in all, Naga Reju has some delicious items which are worth trying.

Naga Reju, Chennai


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A cosy and homely atmosphere with friendly staffs and great service, Northeast Kitchen specializes in North-eastern and Korean cuisines. The simplicity of the ambience should not fool you as this place serves some of the finest north-eastern food. Should try north-eastern pork thali and beef thali, and the combo dishes as well. After the meal, they serve a platter of watermelons slices and a cup of green tea as a perfect way to end the spicy meal. A recommended place for people who has a taste for north-eastern dishes and also for those who wants to try something out of the usual menu.

Northeast Kitchen, Chennai

6) DZUKOU TRIBAL KITCHEN (DELHI)                                                                                                                

Beautiful ambience and tasty food with great music, it has tribal paintings and elements around the restaurant giving it a traditional and rural kind of look and feel. The pork ribs and pork chops is a must try for anyone going there. They also serve delicious smoked pork with yam and axone, and pork with anishi and a variety of authentic naga dishes and chutneys. Another plus point for this place is the live gigs by various artists and bands which add to an enthralling atmosphere in the restaurant and among the customers. The Dzukou Tribal Kitchen will not disappoint your expectations.

Dzukou Tribal Kitchen, Delhi 

7) NAGALAND’S KITCHEN (DELHI)                                                                                                                             

The ambience of the restaurant gives a regional feel with a modern twist. They are known for their food, music and relaxing atmosphere. Must try the Naga style pork ribs with raj mircha dip, deep fried pork ribs, pork bamboo shoot curry with steamed rice and chef’s special sliced chicken with northeastern herbs. The food is flavourful and delicious with a balance between hot and herby dishes of the northeastern cuisine. The Nagaland kitchen serves comfort food at its best. Chubamanen Longkumer who co-owns the restaurant with his two sisters have also concocted unique and interesting items on the drinks menu called ‘Raja Mircha Vodka Shot’, ‘Raja Mircha with Bloody Mary’ and the ‘Naga Wild Apple Vodka Shot’ which the faint-hearted should stay away from.Nagaland Kitchen, Delhi

8) NAGA MANDRIN (SHILLONG)                                                                                                                              

A houshold name when it comes to Naga food in Shillong and often thronged by the student community as well as professionals residing in Shillong, the Naga Mandarin is an initiative started by star footballer of yesteryears Jeremy Wahlang and his young and charming wife Atu.

Best known for their Bastenga and Axone , this is one place where you will get some of the best naga food amongst a nice homely ambience.

Naga Mandarin, Shillong

9) THE MANIKYA COURT (TRIPURA)                                                                                                                         

A new initiative by the erstwhile royal family of Tripura to showcase different cuisenes from the world and the region itself. The Smoked pork with Bamboo shoot as well as the Pork Bastenga is extremely popular there .The place also serves Chinese, Indian,Khasi and Traditional Tripuri food there.

Must try Pork Bastenga, Nei-iong, and Tripura Thali.

Manikya Court, Agartala

By: Toshinaro Imchen | Source: TheNorthEastToday

Oct 29, 2016 19:55
New Delhi

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