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Indian Army is prepared to deal with China-Army Chief

Jan 12, 2018 18:50
New Delhi

Army Chief Bipin Rawat recently made a statement quoting Indian Army and said that Troops are well prepared to deal with any adverse situation created by China.

Our troops ready to cater-Bipin Rawat

The Chief of the Indian Army has recently highlighted the efficiency of the troops and said ‘Indian Army is ready to cater’.

Rawat also said the govt is dealing with the situation of the diplomatic front also that is one of the major challenges.

Adding to the statement, he said, “It is not because we saw a threat. Chinese troops were very well equipped. So we felt why not send better quality equipment for our own jawans better jackets and helmets. It shows that we are better prepared.”

“We are capable and also have mechanisms. Troops are earmarked, and should a situation arise, our troops are ready to cater,” he added while addressing a press conference.

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Rawat talking about the threat on the Military Level said, “We need to have capacities to ensure that ammunition can move from one sector to another and we are focusing on it. We also need to build capacity to move forces from western sector to northern sectors.”

During the Press Conference, Rawat was also questioned about China’s support to terrorism, to this he replied, “They are not supporting terrorist directly. We have not seen direct support coming.”

Adding on to this, he said that the Government and Army are focussing on the neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

On the question of troops retreating from the Dokhlam plateau, Army Chief said, “Indian Troops are prepared to deal with China and the adverse situation created by it.”

“We have the possibility of more movements after the winter is over. We are prepared to handle,” the Army Chief said while assuring that the security forces are manning the border continuously.

“We are more concerned about cyber and information warfare. We have to have good firewalls and systems,” Rawat said, adding that the Army is “part of the national effort in ensuring cybersecurity.”

By: Vasundhra Tewari | Source: NorthEastIndia

Jan 12, 2018 18:50
New Delhi

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