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Srinagar: 2 terrorists killed in encounter that lasted 28 hours

Feb 13, 2018 18:22
New Delhi

Two terrorists have been killed in an encounter that has lasted for over 28 hours at Keran Nagar in Srinagar. The terrorists were hiding since yesterday, in a half-constructed building in Srinagar, after a failed attempt to enter a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)camp at Karan Nagar, in Srinagar.

Mopping up operations are being carried out inside the building where terrorists were hiding, officials said. After intermittent firing throughout the night, forces had launched a final assault this morning.

A CRPF soldier has died and a policeman was injured in the gun battle that began around 10 am on Monday, at the building near the CRPF camp in Karan Nagar.

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A guard had spotted the terrorists with AK 47 rifles and ammunition bags at daybreak and opened fire, averting a major attack.

"During searches in the peripheral area of the camp, it was found that the terrorists had entered a building, which was later surrounded. Fire exchanges are continuing between the terrorists and the security forces," said senior police sources.   

The site of the encounter is not far from the hospital from where a Pakistani terrorist escaped on February 6.

Source: Dy365

Feb 13, 2018 18:22
New Delhi

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