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Things You Shouldn’t Say Before a Kiss

May 29, 2018 17:56
New Delhi

Sharing a sweet kiss, undoubtedly makes one of the most memorable moments between you and your romantic partner. That’s why you definitely don’t want to spoil that wonderful moment! Indeed kissing is a totally intimate act, sometimes even more than sexual intercourse itself. Both partners need to be in the right mood and frame of mind about it, should know how to act and what things are better to be left counted out.

Here is the list of the typical things you should never say and do just before you kiss a girl you like from

Don’t mention the body odor

Personal hygiene is always highly important just regardless how attracted you are to another person. It is only mandatory that both partners keep this one in mind at all times so there won’t be any extremely “awkward moments.” It is only unwelcome to pinpoint at your partner’s body odor or try to back out simply because you can’t take it.

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Ditch that “ex” topic

By no means should either of you get into those deep often pointless discussions about your past actions and previous relationships. And especially you are going to be at a fatal loss and risk of losing what you already have if you just end up your perfect date comparing your current romantic partner with your ex-girlfriend during or before the most intimate moments. This is quite an opposite of what to do before you kiss a girl as it might easily blow things out of proportion, and your girl could start doubting you.

Don’t take it lightly!

When you’re about to share an exceedingly pleasant moment with your crush, it is always quite important that you respect your date and are utterly polite. Avoid making fun of your girl’s flaws or pinpointing those things you don’t like about her appearance, style, etc. It can seriously rub you off the wrong way absolutely unnecessarily. You should always try to keep it as polite and nice as possible, be caring about your loved one. That’s exactly how the moment will eventually mean much more for both of you. In addition, keep away from cracking clearly silly jokes before you kiss a girl, and don’t just blurt all out without thinking.

No to professional discussions!

You might or might not share a professional space with your date partner but don’t be acting way too busy or ramble about your work issues when you sense the coming of an intimate moment. It can be such a turn off and it could simply convey that you are not very interested in the girl.

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No tragic/serious talks either

If you happen to be watching the news and this time you decided to discuss that latest bomb blast, murder or anything bloody and unpleasant, then most likely you are kicking or holding off your lip lock session. This also refers to any serious life-changing decision like moving cities, countries or changing jobs. In such situation it is always better for you to skip such conversations or just try to tackle those for a proper time, say, after your kiss. Tragic stories can easily crumble down your romantic move. That’s why, if you already got the “kiss me” vibe from your girlfriend, make sure to save such discussions for another time.

Avoid admitting weight issues as well

You ask how many dates before a kiss. Two? Three? Or maybe four? In fact, it doesn’t really matter until you don’t get struck by an idea to poke a joke on her body before you kiss a girl. No one likes it to be insulted about how they look. Weight issues is just another sensitive topic and you should never ring the wrong bell with this one. The fact you are together already means that you have fully accepted your partner the way they really are and that you are attracted to the person no matter how they look.

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May 29, 2018 17:56
New Delhi

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