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Apple Watch: Beyond Imagination

Mar 05, 2015 12:53

Apple iWatch is a supreme wearable in a class all by itself that is set to release by the end of April 2015.There has been lots of news about this Smart watch and it is anticipated to rule all the wearable’s in the market. The targeted price for the basic model of the Apple iWatch is said to be 350USD known as the Sport whereas he Stainless Steel model of this Smart watch is going to be priced at 500 USD. If you are looking to gift something expensive to your near and dear ones that is out of the ordinary then there is that 18Carat gold one which is supposed to be priced at 8000USD.

With the power of an iPod Touch, the iWatch is said to be launched with near about 100K apps and Apple has revealed that it took near about 16 months to reach this tons of app mark. However, it does not matter even if it is launched with less than few hundreds or thousands of apps than the mentioned figure it is going to create its magnificent presence in the wearable market.

In this piece of writing we will take a deep insight into the flamboyant features that we will be getting bundled with the Apple iWatch:

  • Say Goodbye to Your Car Keys-Apple iWatch is all set to replace your car keys

Tim Cook in an interview with The Telegraph said that Apple iWatch is going to replace your cars keys and as well those ham-fisted key fobs. Tim Cook as well expressed his interest in wanting the smart watch to unlock your car but there seems to be a broad gap in the word “want” and “will”. So let’s wait till end of April 2015 and see what this smart watch has in store for its users.

  • Say Goodbye to Your Credit Cards-Apple iWatch is all set to replace them

This smart watch will be launched with NFC equipment so as to provide support to e-payment system of Apple i.e. Apple Pay. However the e-payment system is going to somewhat different from that of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Nevertheless, the user verification process with Apple iWatch is yet to be revealed. Users of iWatch will have to make use of a secret pass code for authorizing the Apple Pay gateway and he or she will remain logged in as long as the smart watch is in contact with their wrist.

  • Say Goodbye to your Apple TV Remote- Apple iWatch is all set to replace it

Tim Cook in his interview with Bloomberg Business Week told that the users would love to have a hands free experience of their Apple TV by the mere touch of this smart wearable.

  • Say Hello to Underwater Wearable’s-Apple iWatch your best Shower Companion

If you do not want to miss out on any calls while Swimming or having a leisurely Shower then wait till the end of April 2015 to enjoy the features of this fascinating doohickey.

Mar 05, 2015 12:53

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