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Trickey - Innovative and Stylish

Mar 17, 2015 16:51

With the availability of so many fancy keyboards in the market one gets confused about how to choose the best keyboard. However, Trickey is the latest innovation that helps you add the style lingo to work with any key anywhere concept. It is the most stylist building block keyboard which you can customize anytime as per your needs. Traditional keyboards often, because of their big size fail to satisfy the customers but Trickey, a small sized building block keyboard is just ideal for users with size not being a matter of concern anymore.

In many conventional keyboards the arrangement of the keys cannot be done so freely but in Trickey the most important feature is the arrangement of the keys as per the user’s choice. It is extremely easy to arrange and customize your keys with the Trickey keyboard. The keys which are made for this type of keyboard are designed in such a way that they fit in any grid and when the key is placed inside the grid, it produces a specific character. In this the uniqueness of the keyboard is seen when the key is placed in the wrong socket but still shows the right character because it reads the key instead of only reading the socket.

Since we all know that all keys are programmable from your PC with the help of a software writer but in Trickey another add on feature that you will have is you can program keyboard shortcuts. If this sounds complicated then here is a small example on how you go about this, for example “CTRL+S “can be assigned to a single key say S. This will enable you to make a set of keys which are smaller in number but are assigned for various operations. In most of the traditional keyboards, different keys are supposed to be used which in turn costs you to make use of many keys with lesser functions.

Assigning characters to keys is often a tedious job to do but in Trickey it not at all a hardship. All the required instructions to assign a character will be provided to you making it easier for you to complete this job. Trickey has a transparent cover on top of its keys which gives you an advantage of changing keys and their functions anytime and anywhere you want. The official website of this product gives you the option of downloading the key design templates. If one is not okay with the designs available on the official website you can even create your own key design template with the help of image editing software’s will be made available to the users on their website.

Many of us must be confused about what is the tricky role of Trickey? Then to clarify this small doubt it is developed from the concept of game controller which is used and often designed by many gaming freaks across the world. The most commercial version of Trickey is as well going to be launched soon but it will yet take time for the reason that it requires plastic injection molds. Kickstarter is the website which is officially giving updates about the product and in case of any clarification about the product; you can just contact the website officials. Trickey is one product where your investment will be on small scale but you will have the best building block tricky keyboard ever.

Mar 17, 2015 16:51

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