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Rice Dishes
Northeast Staff Curator 100
Along with animal meat like pork and chicken, people in North East India consume plenty of rice. Apart from using rice to produce beer they also have rice as a main dish in the meals. The rice dishes ...
Traditional Beverages
Northeast Staff Curator 130
The cuisine of the North eastern states of India is absolutely enthralling. The use of regional herbs, tangy spices and their unique process of cooking make tourists amazed. However, the regional beverages ...
Assam Pedas
Guwahati Staff Curator 11
Assam Pedas is a tangy & spicy Malay dish that never fails to hit the spot!  Today we show you how to make this Classic in the comfort of your own kitchen.  You'll be surprised at how easy it is! This traditional stew pairs perfectly...
Beer Batter Fish Fingers
New Delhi Staff Curator 101
The fastest way to curb hunger is by using the fastest method to make a snack. So why not try the recipe below and enjoy this delightful and crispy snack… Ingredients Of Beer Batter Fish Fingers 300 gm river sole fish (cut to finger) 1 tsp...
Northeast Staff Curator 91
As bamboo pickle is most of our favourites, why not try it in a different version. Chilli stuffed with sundried bamboo is another delicacy you can try. here is an attempt to give a twist to the usual chilli and bamboo pickle. INGREDIENTS:...
Vegetarian Dishes
Agartala Arnab Ghosh 6,772
Tripura the beautiful hill state in North East India is loved by tourists for its exceptional scenic beauty, ruins of ancient dynasty, impressive architecture and a rich heritage. However, the cuisine of Tripura is no less interesting than its...
Guwahati Staff Curator 113
‘Mahi’ has a protective effect on manuscripts because of its anti-fungal properties   By unravelling the science behind Assam’s ancient herbal ink ‘mahi’, researchers are planning to recreate the lost techniques...
Gangtok Arnab Ghosh 579
Sikkim, the beautiful hilly state, located in north eastern India, is a prime tourist destination. The tourists love exploring its biodiversity zones, vast mountain range, green valleys and exemplary cuisine. In Sikkim, some indigenous fruits and...
Imphal Staff Curator 143
Desperate times call for desperate measures. So Romila Laishram, a prominent women’s activist of the northeastern state of Manipur, who also runs a shelter for destitute women, now buys legs and entrails of chicken from the...
Kunal Kapur
Dimapur Staff Curator 210
Indian celebrity chef and restaurateur Kunal Kapur was here in Nagaland recently in his search for exotic pickles of India. He is well recognized for not only being one of the best chefs in the country but for hosting and judging popular TV shows...
Gangtok Arnab Ghosh 174
Sikkim is a hilly landlocked state located in India’s northeast corner which is rich in culture. The various tribes in the state adhere to their ancient customs and so they celebrate a number of festivals at various months of the year. However...
Kohima Staff Curator 44
A pork recipe with four simple ingredients and prepared without oil. Source: YouTube | By: ext992000


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