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The story of a Vegetable Village

Apr 11, 2015 16:46

Tucked away about 80 kilometers from the state capital, Zhavame village shares boundary with Manipur state and is guarded by the majestic Kapamodzü peak. It is naturally blessed with scenic beauty as several other Naga villages are, and also serves as home to a few dying pagans, who decided to hold on their ritualistic beliefs, as opposed to the majority who became Christians.

But apart from these interesting facts, Zhavame village has emerged as a role model, especially as far as it is concerned with cultivation of cabbage and potatoes. Having been declared a vegetable village in 2010 by the Nagaland Horticulture department, Zhavame village has lived up to its name by not only cultivating vegetables which are purely organic, but also producing them on a large scale.