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A promising centre for tourist attraction and adventure time in Manipur

Jan 07, 2018 11:41

Manipur, meaning the Land of Jems, lies in the north-eastern part of India, bordered by the states of Mizoram, Assam and Nagaland in south, northwest and north, respectively.

Manipur, meaning the Land of Jems, lies in the north-eastern part of India, bordered by the states of Mizoram, Assam and Nagaland in south, northwest and north, respectively.

The state of Manipur shares its eastern border with the country of Myanmar. Spread over an area of 22327 sq km, Manipur is home to the Pangal, Kuki, Meitei and Naga people, who speak Sino-Tibetaan languages.

The economy of the state is largely agriculture based, with cottage and trade industries also playing an important role.

Natural beauty is one aspect of Manipur that draws hordes of travellers here. It is home to several placid lakes, cascading waterfalls and winding rivers. Some of these must-visit natural places in Manipur are the famous Loktak Lake, Khangkhui Mangsor Cave and Langthabal.

Those travelling with kids should definitely take out time to visit Manipur Zoological Garden, Khonghampat Orchidarium, Keibul Lamjao National Park and British War Cemetery.

Manipur’s valleys and hills provide the ideal platform for a range of adventure sports and outdoor activities. From rock climbing to long treks, adventure activities are aplenty. The Sangai Festival in November is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors of Manipur.

Rock Climbing & Paragliding

Rock climbing

At the campus in Lamdan, about 40km from Imphal, both natural and artificial rock climbing facilities are available. Rock climbing is usually part of a larger eco-tourism package but if you’re short on time you can ask for only a few hours on the rocks. Paragliding too is offered in the same facility and if information is provided in advance power paragliding courses can be organised as well, but a much higher cost.

Adventurous Manipur Rafting

Manipur is a very stunning place and is profound for various adventurous sports as well. Rafting is one of the most opted water sport activities practiced by tourists in Manipur. Rafting over the intense and the roaring water swifts in Manipur offers the most memorable experiences of your life. Go for the one in the fascinating green valley rafting ride and bring in the best memories for you.

Rafting along in the Himalayan River with the dense jungle on the two sides is really an exhilarating experience or the users. Rivers in Manipur provides the best way of experiencing the rafting adventure. The sport offers to be the best recreational activity in Manipur that can make your trip memorable for lifetime.

Wind Surfing

Wind surfing
At Loktak Lake, the largest lake in the Northeast, Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) organizes wind surfing on special request. The expansive lake is ideal for wind surfing and after a crash course from the experts at the MMTA (mmtamanipur.com), you can stay out on the lake for as long as you like.

Eco Tourism

Keibul Lamjao National Park, 48 km (30 mi) away from Imphal is an abode of the rare and endangered species of brow antlered deer. This ecosystem contains 17 rare species of mammals.It is the only floating national park of the world.

Six kilometres (3.7 mi) to the west of Imphal, at the foot of the pine growing hillocks at Iroisemba on the Imphal-Kangchup Road are the Zoological Gardens. Some brow antlered deer (Sangai) are housed there.


The Thalon Caves are one among various historic sites of Manipur, located at an altitude of 900 mts above sea level and is around 80 km from Imphal. The caves which also provide the first concrete evidence of Hoabinhian culture in India, lies under Tamenglong district. Discovered in the year 1946 by the then Maharaja of Manipur, Budhachandra, the cave is located amidst darkness and makes an interesting visit. 

There are many caves situated at Thalon. It gives you an unusual experience when you enter. The darkness and the frightening experience feels like you are entering into an unknown world.

The caves were discovered by the then Maharaja of Manipur, Budhachandra in the year 1946. The cave is a part of Manipur tourism festival and the cave expeditions are held here for 3 weeks in which participant from across the globe visit.

It takes 1 hour trekking from Thalon village to the Cave (4-5 kms).

Jan 07, 2018 11:41

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