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Top Shopping Zones in Imphal

Jan 30, 2016 20:36
Khwairamband Bazaar, Nagamapal Market, Paona Bazaar, Tera Bazaar - Shopping Zones in Imphal Manipur

The historic city of Imphal, which is the capital of Manipur, entices tourists with myriads of attractions. The ruins of ancient dynasty, museums, and places of religious importance- you get to see plenty of places in and around Imphal. Its scenic beauty can be a treat for your eyes and mind. The city also has numerous options for the tourists who love shopping.

What to buy in Imphal?

In various markets of Imphal you can buy local handicrafts, garments, homemade spices and a lot more as souvenirs. The Kauna reed based mats- a regional craft are also sold like hot cakes. Manipuri artisans are also expert in making diverse types of stone and wood based crafts. In some markets of Imphal you can bargain though the language could prove to be a barrier.

Top shopping areas in Imphal

Also called Ima Market, this is possibly the most famous market in Manipur’s capital. The uniqueness of this market is that all vendors are women. This is said to be the largest market operated by women in the world. It is a delight to see women of various ages selling diverse items dressed in traditional Manipuri attire. Not a single male seller is allowed to sell in this market. Almost 3000 female vendors sell their products in this large market. It was given an overhaul in 2010. You can buy jewelry, household utensils, ivory made figurines, handloom shawls as well as famous Manipuri handicrafts and attires. Some women vendors also sell food and local vegetables and herbs in the market. In the recent earthquake, it has received some damages.

  • Nagamapal Market

Nagamapal market is a busy shopping area in Imphal.  In the shops of this market you can find items like colorful attires, footwear and accessories for both genders. However, a lot of tourists prefer gorging on yummy Manipuri dishes like kangsoi kobok, poora haah and koat pitha sold by various stalls in this market.

  • Paona Bazaar

This is another important and popular market in Imphal, located in the busy Masjid road. While the variety of items sold in this market will enthrall tourists, there is no scope for bargain hunters! The items sold in this market have fixed price. However, you should visit the Handicrafts Development Corporation Sales Emporium in this zone. The majority of tourists buy items like Lanshingphee blanket, colorful mats, silk saris, tangkhul scarf and bamboo artifacts here.

  • Tera Bazaar

To pick up suitable souvenirs for friends and family members, the Tera Bazaar in greater Imphal area can be your ideal destination. You can buy some reasonably priced items here. The Manipuri handloom products are what a majority of tourists opt for. The localites throng the market on weekends and holidays.

Other shopping zones

There are some other shopping areas in Imphal that you can explore as well. The iconic GM Hall is one prominent shopping destination. This is also a place where you cannot bargain for items. You may also explore the Gambir Singh Shopping Complex and Tribal Market Complex in Imphal.

Jan 30, 2016 20:36

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