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Food ,Mizoram
Aizawl Staff Curator 617
India is a country rich in diversity. Apart from celebrating numerous festivals, we can also boast of a plethora of different cuisines, across the states! In Maharashtra, you can taste authentic Maharashtrian fare, especially the sea-food. In Punjab...
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 129
Assamese tribes make use of various natural ingredients in cuisine. These include some uncommon and rarely used plants and herbs. They also use indigenous vegetables like Colocasia (called Cosu) in their meals. With the stems and leaves of this...
United States Staff Curator 61
The USS Blue Ridge is the flagship of the U.S Navy’s 7th fleet, overseeing all American maritime operations in Asia and the Western Pacific. It is the U.S Navy’s second oldest active duty vessel and has survived the Vietnam as well as the Cold war...
Rice Dishes
Northeast Staff Curator 100
Along with animal meat like pork and chicken, people in North East India consume plenty of rice. Apart from using rice to produce beer they also have rice as a main dish in the meals. The rice dishes ...
Shillong Staff Curator 118
The year 2016 seems to offer a lot of new places to eat out in Shillong. With several eateries opening up, especially cafes. These new ventures creating opportunities for eating out experience with different aspects to look out for at each different...
Northeast Arnab Ghosh 461
Along with animal meat like pork and chicken, people in North East India consume plenty of rice. Apart from using rice to produce beer they also have rice as a main dish in the meals. The rice dishes prepared in these hilly states are quite tasty...

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