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Garo Ethnic wear

Aug 13, 2016 22:08
Ethnic wear

India is particularly blessed with a variety of tribes and communities and therefore has many options when it comes to clothing.  The Garos have a unique set of ethnic clothing too. Gando, Katib, Salchak, Marang, Unpon, Riking etc constitute the traditional Garo wardrobe.

Among the Garos, the traditional clothing includes a turban called kotip   along with their clothes. The principal garment of the Garo men is a strip of woven cloth which is about six inches wide and about six feet long. The indigenous Garos used to weave their own clothing which were sometimes also ornamented with various shells and beads.

While the women wear a cloth around their waist and a blouse. The indigenous wrap-around known as Dakmanda . They also use head bands.

During festivals, both men and women wear bangles, jewellery and head-dresses which are designed with beads stuck on feathers of hornbill. 

The Garo costume includes various ornaments.  They include:

Nadongbi nr sisha – made of a brass ring worn in the lobe of the ear .While the Nadirong – brass ring worn in the upper part of the ear. The ear ornament also includes the Natapsi – string of beads worn in the upper part of the ear.

Jaksan – Bangles of different materials and sizes

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Ripok – These are the necklaces made of long barrel shaped beads of cornelian or red glass while some are made out of brass or silver and are worn in special occasions. There is also the Jaksil – elbow ring worn by men on Gana Ceremonies

The Penta – small piece of ivory struck into the upper part of the ear projecting upwards parallel to the side of the head and the Seng'ki – Waistband consisting of several rows of conch-shells worn by women are also part of the ensemble. Then there is the Pilne – head ornament worn during the dances only by the women

The Garo clothing is colourful and can be seen in its entire splendour during dances and festivals. 

Aug 13, 2016 22:08

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